Aqua Phobia Retreat

12 November - 19 November 2017

Are you afraid to put your head under water?
Are you afraid to drown and die?
Do you believe everybody can float except you?
Are you afraid to panic?
Do you pretend to swim, but just do edge swimming?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
then YES you are Aqua Phobic

YET, you wish to...
Feel comfortable in water environments?
Overcome your fear?
Do and be like others?

Then, our Aqua Phobia Retreat is the perfect solution! Our professional Therapists have created a method that takes you through very precise steps to overcome your phobia with a 100% success rate. You will walk out of our retreat happy, confident and comfortable in the water.
Join the Aqua Phobia Retreat
starting from just USD 7,600 per person or USD 11,650 per couple.
• 7 days and nights in Karma Kandara’s luxurious Grand Cliff Front Residence overlooking the Indian Ocean.
From our white sand beach to the tropical and wild sunsets, experience a true week in paradise living in comfort, nature and luxury
• Daily breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and BBQ dinner • Fu Shi Relax twice per day
• 1 hour of Aqua Fitness per day • 2 Sophorology sessions per day • Sauna
Karma Kandara Resort, Jalan Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma Ungasan, Bali 80362, Indonesia
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