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Meet ‘Kasna’

Kasna is an Ubud based Balinese healer whose treatments and recipes have been passed down through generations from his ancestors. What makes Kasna’s treatments sacred is that he infuses healing energy transfer work that helps to bring positivity to your mind and body. Kasna is the proud father of two beautiful children.


A deeply therapeutic massage to help you release any physical and emotional issues and pain. Kasna
infuses clearing and healing energy transfer work to help you rest and relax in mind and body. His massage
oil blend is handmade from over 21 herbs – amazing!
60-minutes IDR 650++


An amazing facial therapy that begins with an incredible massage to relax your facial muscles. It
includes a cleanser, scrub and mask with the highlight an aura cleansing ritual to bring radiance and
clearness to your mind, body and skin. Kasna makes all of his own facial products from herbs and
spices. These include a wild honey and sandalwood scrub an aloe vera mask from aloe grown in his own
garden and a sacred hand bended facial oil.
90-minutes IDR 800++


Your deeply therapeutic massage with energy work is enhanced with a warm Boreah herbal body wrap
that will detoxify you from deep within. The warmth of the herbs helps to loosen the muscles and joints,
increase blood circulation and is recommended for headaches and tightness in the body. Kasna’s Boreh
recipe was passed down by his grandfather and is made from 31 different spices and herbs sourced
from around Indonesia.
2 hours – IDR 900++


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