A good holiday leaves you wanting more.. Bravo to Karma Royal Palms!

Dear Karma Group,
It's not usual but we would like to start by saying "Bravo Karma Royal Palms"!
We needed a restful, comfortable and happy respite from our daily hectic routine and that's what we got in full measure on our recent holiday.
From a cheerful reception team, housekeeping, maintenance, restaurant staff and the others..they collectively generated a marked improvement in the overall standard. The new Lounge with welcome hot beverages..so thoughtful!
The creative paintings in the recreation room were also inspiration for photographers like my son to make a mash-up (attached here). We could not miss some refreshing moments among nature in the birdwatch area.
A good holiday leaves you wanting more..yes, that's what our recent holiday at Karma Royal Palms did for us.
Wilma Alvares


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