A Wonderful 4 Generations Short Break at Karma Rottnest

Hello fellow travelers would like to share a few photos from a recent short break at Karma Rottnest (Rotto) as it is affectionately known by most West Aussie's. Rottnest holds a special place for my family and it was wonderful having  4 generations of us spending time together, my parents, daughter and grandson. Our first evening walk along the salt lakes, managed to get some sunset shots.
The next day we decided to take a bus trip over to the West-End of the island to see a colony of seals, sadly the strong winds that day kept the seals away and we had to try and take cover out of the wind until the next bus arrived...which is difficult as there was no cover to be found. All part of the Rottnest experience.
My grandson Tyson was delighted to get his very own pet Quokka (soft toy) to take home as his first momento of Rotto.
What makes Rotto so special in West Australians hearts is the light and the colour of the water the unique flora and fauna, the pristine  beaches, swimming coves and fishing bays around the entire island. And while there is a constant upgrading of the existing facilities on the island for me there is also a sense of time standing still on the Island, sure it has it busy times but it is a place where you can feel like you have the whole island to yourself and nothing has chAnged from when you first visited Rotto as a child.
On our final night at Karma resort we had a wonderful dinner at the Riva restaurant top marks to the chef and all the staff. No photos of our wonderful dinner no one brought there phone.
Well we have had our  Rotto fix which should last us for a couple of years. Thankyou Karma.
Photo of Roger and me not taken at Rotto as usual I am the person taking all the photos.
Deborah Woodman and Roger Monk


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