Karma Bavaria – so many breathtaking moments

There is only one word to describe Bavaria and that is…breathtaking! And two words to describe Karma Bavaria – expectations exceeded! 

When we booked our flights to Munich and a month in Karma Bavaria we thought we knew what to expect, having stayed at several of the Karma resorts already but had no idea about the location or even the culture for that matter. So basically we went with an open mind and an eagerness to explore a new area. Little did we know how much we were about to be impressed.

Before we had even arrived the reception staff were communicating with us and asking what else we needed to make our stay as comfortable as possible. Check in was a breeze and soon we were opening the drapes of our comfortable and spacious room and the view literally took our breath away.

Nestled just a few minutes’ walk away from the edge of the lake we were met with numerous mountain peaks that seemed to climb into the sky and clouds above. Framing our view were pretty flowers on the balcony edge and the sound of church bells in the distance.

We immediately put our hiking boots on and went ascended the nearest mountain, directly behind the resort, where we sat under a splendid old tree and took in the view looking out over the lake. Once again, breathtaking. A local farmer in traditional dress, walking stick in hand, slowly made his way up the hill and past us with a slow wave of the hand he was off to collect his cows, bells ringing in the distance. It was almost surreal. 

The next day the sun was shining and we took advantage by walking around the lake in its entirety (usually a 2hour walk) with stop offs at a café on the water for lunch and to take photographs in the endeavor to capture the magnificence in front of us for years to come. All of this was just the beginning.

We were blessed to spend four weeks in this incredible location and that was nowhere near enough to experience it all. There’s just so much to do and see that will make your mouth drop in awe. Besides the endless array of hikes there’s also cable car rides to the most picturesque mountain views, the fairy tale castle tour, tobogganing down the mountain for the more adventurous, exploring Josefsthaler waterfalls and even horse & carriage rides through Schliersee plus don’t miss the Slyrs Whisky Distillery tour. All easily accessible via train, pushbike, walking or the free bus service around the area. 

Then there’s shopping in Munich, the sound of music tour to Salsburg, night hikes (blindfolded if you choose – an amazing unique experience) or you could just sit in a local pub and soak up the beer, great food and atmosphere. Not to mention enjoying the resort facilities of hot tub, spa, indoor heated pool, sauna, restaurant, games room, music room, bar and even ten pin bowling.

There were so many memorable moments like those mentioned above but here are three that really stood out for us:

 Italy, Austria and Switzerland in a weekend – One of the benefits of the Schliersee location is its proximity to three other countries. So, we hired a car (easiest done directly from the resort) and drove through the Bavarian Alps, Austria and onto Milan Italy to attend the Monza Formula One. This was a lifelong dream come true for the two of us who are F1 fans. We then came back via St. Martins, Switzerland and with almost every corner we turned our breath was taken away again by the height of the mountains, the glorious colors and simply the view that I don’t have enough words to explain. 

Ice hockey game and dinner – Chris Kindred organized and invited us to a night out at a local ice hockey rink where we were treated to a private Karma box (which meant heating, drinks and nibbles…Yay!) a fantastic game of professional level ice hockey, an atmosphere of rivalry and team support, and thanks to Chris’ contacts, we even got the opportunity to have pictures on the ice with the team. So much fun!

The Karma Bavaria staff – We spend six months of the year staying at resorts throughout the world and three months of that is usually at Karma resorts and never have we been made to feel as welcome and cared for as we were at Karma Bavaria! The Karma tagline is “we create experiences” and everything about the team at Karma Bavaria was focused on that one thing. From the welcome drinks night (which we recommend to learn about all you can do there) through to the ten pin bowling & pizza nights and everything in between, they were always intently listening to our conversations and offering suggestions on how to make our stay easier and more enjoyable, and they succeeded. 

From the management team (especially Chris Kindred, Chris Woods and Francesca McCarthy) through to the bar staff (especially Ina and Dwayne), all the reception team and even the cleaners (especially Helga) we were made to feel like part of the Karma family. Many a night was spent drinking, sharing stories, sharing meals and even impromptu dance lessons. 

And it wasn’t just us. While we were there we witnessed the full extent of their kindness (and the Karma company) given to a fellow guest whose wife was hospitalized unexpectedly in ICU. As you can imagine, this was a traumatic time for him and the Karma team did everything they could to make it as easy as possible for him to face each day and get through it.

The icing on the cake was when a luxury car was organized by Chris to drive us directly to the airport on the day of our departure. We arrived relaxed, refreshed and ready for our flights to South East Asia. From beginning to end, our expectations were exceeded. 

As you can imagine, this entire experience has cemented our love for Karma and we can’t wait to go back to see our Karma Bavaria family again. We are even considering a visit in winter to see the snow covered mountains which says it all for these two sun worshipers who usually follow summer around the globe. We have definitely fallen under the magic spell which is Karma Bavaria and are happy to do so.


Kind Regards

Clark & Tegan Marshall


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