No Fuss! Just food and fun at Karma Chakra!

As I was coming for this trip, I had lots in mind to explore the local flavours during my four-day stay here. I thought it would be nice to try out what Kerela is famous for. Being a vegetarian myself, it was a big change to try the non-veg that would suit my taste buds. Since you are passionate about cooking your food worked like magic. I would like to thank you for the cooking class that you provided on the 11th of Nov’ 17.

Got to learn the specialty ‘Veg Mappas’ & Appam which I could use in my new home.

Also the recipes that you that you gave without thinking twice or giving any excuses/fuss. Totally appreciate that. Since I am walking into Nikhil’s (my husband) culture & habits after our marriage. It plays a very vital part since I guess he is a foodie. I will definitely try your recipes at home & tell you how they turned out. But would like to say that do maintain that smile and genuine down to earth personality.

We would definitely remember this trip as it is very special to us but more so cause of the people we met and made It to interesting. Thank you so much for the warmth. Nikhil and I would be in touch.

When you find the need to contact us, do so at anytime.

Thank You!


Shikha Sharma


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