The Resort management at Karma Royal Boat Lagoon knows what to do and to please the guests!

Yes! We enjoyed our stay…
Well, we were upgraded to a one bedroom apt facing the blue marina, which was a nice touch. We booked 1 week and ended up extending for 4 more days.
We agree to all Reviews. The resort is a relaxing sunny & quiet place. No party around, you can enjoy tranquility, cleanness, the sunny Thailand and a good smiling service. Maybe we should say, great service! In fact, it was David’s birthday and Mr. Rish was cool enough to bring a birthday cake, candles included. Nice touch Sir!..
There is no attach restaurant to the resort, but within walking distance you will find an Italian & amp; Thai Restaurant, by the big supermarket (helpful for vegetarians) there is a tasty school restaurant with vegetarian option, some noodle places and even a Subway just a few paces away.
The thing is, the resort management knows what there is to do, to modify or to add (like a massage room by the pool) to please the guests. Our preferred touch was the perfume oil and cookies brought in by those evening ladies. Wow it smells good … Thank you!

David A Sarmento & Monic Diotte


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