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Finding the perfect Rottnest accommodation for you!

You have made the decision that you want to visit the incredibly beautiful Rottnest Island, and now all you have to do is find the right accommodation just for you. Rottnest accommodation includes all the benefits you would want and expect as a traveler.

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The perks of the Rottnest hotel, include some amazing activities like golfing, biking or spa pampering to Gov’s sports bar or the Riva restaurant. You can choose between six various room types that will best suit you and your friends or family in the best island hideaway in Australia.

Rottnest island accommodation that will take your trip to the next level

The Karma Group, Rottnest resort is the perfect place to stay while exploring the amazing nature and history of this Australian getaway. But let’s see what others before you had to say about this Rottnest island accommodation!

“We love coming to this fantastic place! The staff is so friendly and couldn’t be more accommodating! The pool area is the perfect place to relax. We were given the loveliest room. Thank you for the most amazing holiday.” Cherie, AU on Google reviews

When it comes to accommodation on Rottnest island, it is obvious from the guest reviews and the reputation of luxury and style of the Karma Group, that this resort is the place to be! The location of the Rottnest resort alone is spectacular, but combining it with the comfort and views that the rooms provide, well, you have the answer to the question, which is why our guests love us!

The commodity and originality you can find with accommodation Rottnest

The rooms are designed and integrated in the rich, cultural and historical value of the Rottnest Island. They have the vibration of originality and authenticity that will provide the ultimate experience, but at the same time, every room is equipped with Wi-Fi, en-suite bathrooms, TV’s, celling fans and other accommodation perks for the guests.

Let us start by introducing the Deluxe Room, perfect and spacious enough for a small family or group of friends, or if your heart is more into it, intimate, but big enough for a couple. This Rottnest hotel accommodation is located in the historic Palm Court area and is equipped with a queen-size bed and a single one, just in case or just right.

The charming detail about this beautiful room is the French doors that guide you to a shared verandah, where you can relax and contemplate or just get together with friends, meet some similar-minded adventurers such as yourself, or if none of that is your taste, just read a book and drink some cocktails from Gov’s sports bar and enjoy.

Vacationing with the family

If you’re opting for a family holiday, then the Family room is ideal for you, mostly because it’s like a small apartment with two connecting bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has a big queen-size bed, and the other one has bunk beds, giving everyone the space for a picture–perfect stay in the Rottnest resort.

Of course, that is not all; the Family room is equipped with a lounge area, a kitchen with installed dishwasher and washing machine to make your stay that more comfortable. The outdoor verandah provides you with the most beautiful view of the delightfully pretty Heritage Common.

“We are a big fan of Karma Group as we got to experience the most fashionable vacation till date. At Karma Rottnest, we enjoyed the friendliest marsupials on the secluded beaches of Western Australia. It was truly an awesome vacation with my family and we loved it.” Ashley, US on Google Reviews

Our standard Lakeside rooms with a view that catches the imagination

The Rottnest accommodation experience will be complete if you book a Lakeside standard room, because as the name of the room implies, it has a view of the lake! It has one queen-size bed and two single beds. Now trust us when we say, you want this!

You want to wake up every morning and look at something so magical that it should be part of a Monet painting or at least a postcard or a National Geographic cover. Plus, you and your friends or family are part of it! The room features a lounge area and a private balcony with the above-mentioned view!

Visited this resort last week and it’s a great place to relax. The staff was very polite and nothing was too much trouble. The room was spacious and the view over the lake was divine. Took advantage of their buffet breakfast and the selection was vast, as good as any that I have had. Good work Karma, keep up the good work!” Ceniza, AU on Google reviews

When everything about this room is premium — everything!

The top thing that accommodation Rottnest has to offer, that will make you move out here on the island, is the Premium lakeside room! First, are the luxuries, with a king-size bed, designer furnishings and fittings. It is intimate and private and will give you the sensation of extravagant indulgence, amidst a tropical paradise.

That is not all; it has a private balcony with a spectacular view of the scenic Governor’s Lake. How can it be better than that? The answer is, it can’t!

You are a large group of people, and you want to stay together! We can make it happen!

If you are looking for accommodation on Rottnest Island Perth for a larger group of people or friends that want to stay together, then the Quod room experience was designed for you! It can accommodate up to six people, and it still has the original extra tick walls to regulate the temperature inside the room, so that historic fact is a familiar plus for anyone staying there. Quite enjoyable!

“Amazing location, accommodation was excellent and the bike rides around the island superb. I would highly recommend it.” Paul, US on Google reviews

Going solo or with your lover? Book a standard room for your own pleasure!

The Standard room is well-matched for solo travelers or couples, perfect if you want one queen-size bed or two single beds, depending on your wishes and needs, of course. It overlooks the historic Palm Court area, neighboring to the main lodge building.

The Rottnest accommodation familiarity that provides you with an extravagant home in the heart a tropical island.

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