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Dreaming for the perfect Australia adventure? Karma Rottnest resort is the place for you!

The Rottnest Island is filled with breathtaking views and the inspirational pictures that dreams are made of. Here you can find the stimulating music of the waves, lulling you into peace and tranquillity. At the same time, you can choose between pools if you prefer a cosier and relaxed atmosphere. There is truly something for everyone here.

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Karma is about soul. It’s about putting extra before ordinary. And it’s about you

The luxuries Karma Rottnest resort offers all of the above and more. Feast on Mediterranean, delicious cuisine in the Riva restaurant. Relax in spacious rooms, beautifully integrated in the scenery of the island and engraved with its history. And you can enjoy all the activities one can wish for when visiting Australia. There is also the quokka, a friendly marsupial that is so cute that it will make you wish you moved here!

“I was just so impressed with the Karma Rottnest resort overall, and I have booked to come back. It was very relaxing with plenty to do and see. I would call it breathtaking and soul soothing.” – Elizabeth, AU on Booking

Why is the Karma Rottnest resort the winning combination for every traveller?

It combines tradition in amenity and class with the incredible beauty of the Rottnest Island. Whether travelling solo, on a family trip or with a group for a seminar/team building, it doesn’t make a difference. There is attractiveness and peculiar joy in finding a resort that would grant so much to its visitors.

Location has always been the key ingredient in the Karma Group resorts. Rottnest resort is one of the perfect examples of that.

  • In a 5-minute walk from the Rottnest ferry terminal, it provides easy mobility and access for its guests to explore the region with the Perth farriers. It is up to you to find some kind of an adventure.
  • Within a 7-minute walk is the Rottnest Island Golf Course, a recommended view for everyone and a must for all golf lovers.
  • Around 2 kilometres away is the breathtaking, historically famous landmark of the island, the Wadjemup Lighthouse, perfect for anyone who wants a bit of romance and history to spice up their holiday.
  • And last, but not least, there is the beach, under 2 minutes away from your own room. There are 60 around the island for you to choose from.

Isn’t that a perfect location for your stay on this beautiful island?!

Explore this extravagance of nature and luxury, and sense the happiness that we offer!

That is exactly what Karma Group delivers here. Revel in the authenticity with which the resort is integrated within the island culture and scenery — something any visitor will feel when staying here. Glimmer lake views from the windows and within the pools that reflect this natural pattern. Of course, you would want to be a part of this experience and you should; you deserve it!  

“We were made to feel so welcomed as soon as we walked in the door. We so love a service with a smile.  And also, we were given a free upgrade to top it off. There are only compliments for the Rottnest resort! And the food at the Riva restaurant was delicious!” Sarah, AU on Booking

All you have to do is pick the preferred room or apartment and enjoy your lake views from the patio! For a personal favourite, check the Rottnest accommodation. If you have the sudden wish for a new fancy kind of cocktail, you can choose one from Gov’s sports bar! A fancy dinner or a Mediterranean dish you haven’t tried before, we probably offer it at the Riva Restaurant.

Enjoy exquisite cuisine and a lush ambience in the Karma Rottnest resort! 

All of our guests have given only compliments and praises for the cuisine that is served here. So we recommend you give it a try! Don’t sample only the especially made dishes just for you, prepared with a Mediterranean twist and fresh ingredients, but also the atmosphere of the Riva restaurant and that magical feeling of content and joy for choosing the perfect spot!  

Our dinner on both nights was tasty and well presented, so Cudos to the Chef. This isn’t the first time we have stayed at Karma Rottnest and it certainly wont be the last. A sentiment shared by our Friends who came with us. Maggie M, AU on Trip Advisor

That is a definition for a soothing, energy charging day, with or without a Wi-Fi connection, which is up to you. Of course that is not all — besides the pools and the views and all the landmarks for you to see and explore, there is also, the spa! 

No vacation is complete without a foot massage!

You’ll also need a facial or any other body healing, soul filling, mind relaxing treatment and therapies that this spa has is store for you. It’s also spiced up with some Asian rituals to make you feel like the God/Goddess you are. And we promise you, that you haven’t tried some of them, and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

When you come to vacation in a Karma Group resort, you should prepare yourself for pampering and that, of course includes the spa, with all the charming, exotic practises that it offers.       

Solo, coupled or organizing a large group of people? We can make it happen!

If you are a team leader or have been given the opportunity to organize a large group of people for the retreat of their dreams while hosting an event, you should be informed that the Karma Rottnest resort has the capacity to host up to 110 guests. Not only host them, but also to custom tailor for them a whole range of activities to their own tastes.

The resort can provide movie screenings in the conference rooms, offer bike tours, golf clubs, wine testings or chasing barefoot bowls as a local Australian sport, and the landscape and history of the resort are just a cherry on top.

This is a resort that will infuse you with the positive vibrations of the staff and give you incredible experiences throughout your stay on this hidden gem of an island. You can see what dreams are made of and take that slice of memories with you forever. Until you come back and make some more, at least!

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