7 Memorable Days at Karma Royal Residence Haati Mahal

Dear Karma Group,


I would be honored to inform you that the seven days we spent here was memorable. We happily enjoyed all the luxurious comfort you offered us. The inner structure of the rooms was really fantastic, the hotel food (Casa Lisboa) was really very delicious. The bed, in which we slept was really comfortable, which gave us a good sleep.

One thing which made me appreciate the room facilities is the sensor-based system in the room, I really appreciate the portraits put up in the room, in the whole, I really loved every bit of it.

Now, I would like to bring to your attention some of the commodities that I consider very essential to the inner style of your exotic room. Firstly, the home clock (digital or non-digital) also I request you to insert a high-quality AC which is very necessary in these hot seasons.

I feel that is all in my side of suggestion.

I really appreciate all the staff of the Karma Group that satisfy our needs & made our lives comfortable here, I salute your hard work, dedication & loyalty which makes this royal residence a unique one, May God Bless You!


Your lovingly,

The Viegas Family