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Each extraordinary Karma experience has been designed by our curators: every one a leader in their field of lifestyle and entertainment. From the mixologist who created your cocktail to the DJ spinning the tunes at our beach parties, only the best come to Karma


Mixologist Grant Collins 

A good cocktail is all about balance,’ says Grant Collins, who combines classic techniques with modern molecular mixology to concoct deliciously cutting-edge drinks. As well as running his own bars in Sydney, The Powder Keg and The Smoking Panda, Grant consults for prestigious clients internationally.

He is the winner of numerous awards and accolades and was named as ‘One of the World’s Greatest Hotel Bartenders’ by Travel & Leisure Magazine. For Karma, he has curated a unique list of 12 cocktails, including the Karma Beach Electric Iced Tea and the Karma Strawberry Smack.

Signature Cocktails

Grant Collins proudly custom designed 12 signature cocktails exclusively for Karma Beach, including:

Karma Beach Cider Sour

Vodka with home-made apple cider, lemon juice, apple juice, and egg white.

Karma Beach Electric Iced Tea

Vodka with gin, light rum, blue curacao, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white top with lemonade.

Karma Strawberry Smack

Gin, aperol, lemon curd, balsamic vinegar, lemon, sugar, and earl grey air.

Karma Espresso Martini

Vanilla vodka, kahlua, double espresso with maple syrup, sugar top with caramel foam.

Sommelier John Jens

John Jens has delved into his 200,000 tasting notes to compile a bespoke collection of fine wines for Karma. His handpicked list will introduce you to best-kept secrets from boutique winemakers, as well as vintages from the world’s most renowned wine labels. Members can join John at Karma wine tastings, unique experiences that combine his in-depth knowledge of the subject with wit and passion.

After all, this is the man who owned 150 bottles of ‘Grange’ – Australia’s most celebrated wine – by age 24, and is now respected as one of the most knowledgeable experts on wine in Australia.


Healer & Shaman Ellie Sand

Ellie is an acclaimed healer, Feng Shui expert and shaman, who has used her esoteric skills to help people around the globe for the past 30 years. She consults on the location of each Karma resort, applying her knowledge of Feng Shui to ensure every destination is in harmony with nature and offers the optimum energy-rich and healthy destination for our guests.

Ellie also runs one-of-a-kind Spiritual Surgeries and healing workshops for Karma members.

A good cocktail is all about balance," declares Collins, who has a sports science degree and originally trained for the fitness industry before discovering the joys of creative

Spa & Wellness Ambassador Judy Chapman

Judy’s travels have taken her to Himalayas to learn from Tibetan and Ayurvedic doctors, to Japanese onsen hot springs and to the indigenous spas of India, Thailand, Indonesia and Europe. She is a qualified yoga teacher, Demartini Method practitioner and has studied macrobiotic nutrition.

At Karma Spa she helps to develop a continuing programme of award-winning spa treatments, therapies and experiences, drawing on the most advanced wellness concepts worldwide.


Karma Spa Speciality Treatments

Judy Chapman, former Editor-in-Chief of Spa Asia magazine and author of 4 books on spas, curates Karma Spa to provide a full spectrum of spa, wellness, yoga therapy and kids/family spa experiences. Judy’s travels have taken her to Himalayas to learn from Tibetan and Ayurvedic doctors, to Japenese onsen hot springs and to the indigenous spas of India, Thailand, Indonesia and Europe. She is a qualified yoga teacher and has studied macrobiotic nutrition. She continues to be involved in developing and advising on our award-winning spas. Some of her favourite Karma Spa experiences include:


Don’t miss the opportunity to book in for a facial treatment with the amazing Heike Lehner. I’ve travelled the globe and have been fortunate to experience many facials delivered by some of the best and both Heike’s Sculpting Facial and Face Hydration Booster are amazing. She is a true artist when it comes to lifting, toning and sculpting the skin - expect to depart looking years younger!


Ayurveda is the spirit of Indian spa culture and I can’t recommend highly enough an Ayurvedic treatment (or any massage for that matter) with our Indian Senior Therapist/Trainer, Vipin Kakkove, who originates from Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda. Vipin is one of the most passionate and integral therapists I’ve worked with - and a favorite with our members. So impressed were we with his dedication to his work that we sent him on a jet plane to both Bali and Bavaria to partake in our key training - we are blessed to have him on our team.


Karma Kandara was our first spa to open back in 2008 and remains our flagship and this cliff-top spa holds a sacred place in my heart. The entire team here is phenomenal as they undergo year-round training with the island’s best healers, practitioners and massage experts. While it’s impossible to name my favorite therapist, my treatment pick is the signature Karma Rhythm Massage that focuses on back, neck and shoulder - and is a cure-all for anyone like me who spends too many hours on the laptop. Add on an Infrared Detox Session and you’ll be sorted out in no time!


Sports & Fitness Expert Simon Shaw

Former England and International rugby player Simon Shaw brings a unique sporting synergy to Karma. As well as helping to develop custom Karma fitness programmes and advising our onsite trainers on the latest advances in fitness, strength and body conditioning, he is also a supporter of our Karma Community Cares charity initiative.

He launched In My Locker, a sports memorabilia business supported by international sports stars, to raise money for charities worldwide, including Karma Camino.

Simon Shaw Fitness Tips

England World Cup Rugby Legend, Simon Shaw, shares 3 key fitness tips:

Use the Buddy System

Find a friend or relative whom you like and trust who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle. Encourage one another. Exercise together. Use this as an opportunity to enjoy one another's company and to strengthen the relationship.

Be Happy

Be sure to pick an activity you actually enjoy doing! If you hate weights, don't go to the gym. You can lose weight and get in shape with any type of training or activity.

And choose something that is convenient. Rock climbing may be a great workout, but if you live in a city, it's not something you'll be doing every day.

Nutrition is Key

Exercise with a balanced nutrition plan has been repeatedly shown to improve muscle strength, boost lean mass, and slash body fat. Both the research and the real world evidence has borne this out time and time again. Exercise alone just won't cut it. Saying this, do not deprive yourself of things you like to eat and drink. I work to a 80/20 plan. Eat and drink sensibly for 80% of the time and do as you like for the other 20%!

Karma Beach DJ Hans

Dutch DJ Hans calls his unique sets for Karma ‘travelling through music’ because his personal collection of tracks has touch points in every sound and genre. His cool, mellow style is the perfect soundtrack to the Karma Beach scene, where the vibe comes from unique live entertainment and where the beats get stronger and the bass deeper as the night goes on.

‘I call myself a groove-master because music is not a hobby or a job; it’s my passion,’ he says. By popular demand, DJ Hans plays at Karma Beach events throughout the summer.




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