Siren of the Sea

If the ocean could speak, what would it say?

Once its first powerful enchantment is cast, it holds us forever captive, the very embodiment of emotion. And yet, it often resists all of our attempts to define it with words.

Keiko Uno – a descendant of Japanese Samurai lords, who grew up on the beaches of Australia – has given the ocean a voice through her exquisite limited-edition jewellery creations. Each one of Keiko’s eloquent hand-crafted pieces tells a story. Recalls a potent memory or moment, inspired by the freedom, energy and timeless mystery of the sea. Take her splendidly-curvaceous “Coral” ring, part of her luxury Ocean Intrigue Collection.

For Keiko, the alluring 18 karat gold statement piece, which features diamonds with black rhodium, is a permanent reminder of both her surf-worshipping husband and Balagan Beach, an idyllic surfing spot on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, near Karma’s flagship resort Karma Kandara.

For the Love of Wine

Question: What do the bountiful wine cellars of Karma Kandara – and the luxurious sweep of Indian Ocean extending far below this award-winning Balinese resort – have in common?

Answer: Both proffer an ever-shifting palette. A heady interplay of the elements to provoke, inspire and surprise the senses.

You can immerse yourself in the fierce joy of both at one of Karma Kandara’s ravishing Wine Dinners, hosted regularly at our panoramic di Mare restaurant. Each time, a series of outstanding wines following a theme are matched with a gourmet menu, intuitively crafted by our executive chef.

Central to the popular epicurean evenings are some exquisite, off-radar boutique wines that are emerging from smaller, up-and-coming winemakers: Dynamic newcomers like the Australian Young Guns of Winemaking who thrilled us recently with their uplifting, vibrant and re-interpreted classics.

Few gastronomic experiences linger as delightfully in the memory as a well-executed, wine-paired meal.