In wellness, the journey is the destination

In wellness, the journey is the destination

Sophisticated travellers are searching out profound encounters and life-changing experiences beyond the spa.

The stand-alone spa experience is no longer enough. Increasingly, “transforming” wellness travel is changing people’s travel schedules and the idea of what travel is all about.

Karma Spas at Karma Resorts worldwide are leading the charge in transformative travel, combining a refreshing mix of physical fitness, meditative practices like Tai Chi and mindfulness, healthy dining and spa treatments. Below we explore some of the significant trends informing current thinking and what the wellness-seeking traveller can expect from their experience.

Circuit of life

Spa destinations are introducing wellness circuits which consist of linked wellness experiences, replacing disconnected schedules of classes and treatments. These circuits are flowing, nature-roaming journeys or even multi-day safaris.

Imagine this: you start the day with some silent meditation, followed by an invigorating nature hike. After working up an appetite, you sit down and enjoy a healthy nourishing breakfast before diving into yoga practice and spend a while just… breathing. Add to this cultural experiences to feed the brain and inspire the imagination, and you start to get a sense of the all-encompassing benefits transformative travel can deliver.

Choose your own adventure

Transformative travel is all about choice. Experts can offer plenty of guidance however the different activities you partake in, how often you do them and even the environment you experience them in is all about you and what you hope to achieve. Transformative travel experiences should offer plenty of choices; a dependable wellness expert should listen to your individual needs and tailor a solution based on your goals.

Karma wellness retreats, Bali

Art of wellness

Art and expression in a multitude of forms are also increasingly part of the wellness narrative.  Wellness travellers can meditate in the relative silence of a museum, relax in a hot spring while watching a movie (careful with your choc top), or take a calligraphy class in a local monastery. It’s all about indulging the senses and immersing yourself in a story-driven experience.

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