Bali Spa and Wellness at It’s Best | Karma Spas

Bali Spa and Wellness at It’s Best | Karma Spas

Spas, Wellness and Sustainability

Today, spas and wellness are no longer about simply eating well, staying fit and yoga, but now also embrace sustainability. From the ingredients in spa treatments and products to the furnishings and interiors, one of the best ways to be a sustainable spa and wellness center is to simply stay local and this is where Karma Spa at Karma Kandara in Bali excels.

Since its inception, Karma Spas have always had a green ethos. Back in 2008 when the flagship spa opened at Karma Kandara in Bali, it was decided that every Karma Spa needed to be as local, organic and green as possible. Green spas in Bali are the future.

Which is why clean beauty has long been the DNA of Karma Spas.

At Karma Kandara and Karma Jimbaran in Bali, for instance, they have partnered with local brand Sensatia Botanicals, regarded as Bali’s best natural skincare brand. Sensatia is known for collaborating with locals such as coconut harvesters, loofah sponge growers, seaweed and sea salt harvesters, to curate their growing brand of personal care and spa products. Based on the east coast, they are 100% natural with a strong love and connection with the land of Bali.

‘We partnered with Sensatia as quite frankly the idea of transporting body cream and skincare from the other side of the world to another is just not sustainable anymore,’ says Karma’s Wellness Curator, Judy Chapman. ‘The best spas in the world use locally sourced ingredients and products. ’

It goes without saying that most of the materials used in the spa architecture and interiors are regionally sourced. As well, Karma’s retail apothecary is a curation of locally made and sourced products and accessories. Another brand Karma Spas has partnered with is Meisou, known for their stunning organic accessories including wellness journals, meditation wraps and cushions created from plant-based dyes and handmade spiritual mala jewelry.

It’s not only the spa guest experience that needs to be ethical but also what’s going on behind the scenes.

Says Judy ‘You can’t really offer a healing treatment if your back of house isn’t healthy – it has to be a holistic experience.’

Karma Spas have also long been plastic-free and low-chemical zones. At Karma Kandara, for instance, they use non-toxic cleaning products for maintaining the spa as well as for laundry.

‘Hidden pollutions are also a growing concern for many,’ explains Judy. ‘More and more of us are experiencing allergies to toxic materials, paints and fragrances.’

Ultimately, when you offer an authentic clean experience from the inside out, the guest senses this. Ultimately Karma Spas are about raising one’s vibration and being sustainable in as many ways possible is the way forward.

Written by Karma Group

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