The Karma Guide to… choosing the ultimate luxury villa

The Karma Guide to… choosing the ultimate luxury villa

Being a global vacation business with 28 properties around the globe has taught us a thing or two about what to look for when considering your next holiday escape, especially when it comes to accommodation.

Whether you’re just visiting – or seeking to invest in vacation ownership – choosing the right luxury villa can be the difference between the time of your life, or niggling frustration. To save you time, here are some crucial tips on choosing the right luxury villa for your vacation needs.

Location, location, location

It seems obvious, but when choosing the right luxury villa for your needs, it’s important to consider where it is in relation to other essential places on your itinerary, such as airports, shopping, beaches, cultural hubs, and restaurants.

While some people may be happy to travel hours to reach a secluded luxury escape, others may want easy convenience close to local nightlife and the energy of a crowd. Make sure you research the villa’s transport options.

Inhabiting the space

The size, design and style of a villa are equally critical to ensuring your stay is one to remember. Families especially should be conscious of room numbers and sizes, the number of bathrooms, and communal spaces; there should be enough room for everyone to spread out and relax.

Style-wise, look for villas that make an honest commitment to bringing local culture and design aesthetics into the design and decor. You’re there to experience the destination – how much better when the destination comes to you, in every line and form.

A room with a view… or not

Likewise, your villa and its surrounds should reflect what type of holiday you want – and why type of traveller you are. While most of us would say we’d love a room with sweeping vistas of the sea, or a cascading mountainside, it’s worth considering that the more enclosed a villa, the more privacy it offers. Villas with walled gardens and private pools offer their own close and cosy charm.

All the mod cons

It’s worth researching your potential villa’s amenities, or access to shared facilities. In the tropics, features like in-room air-conditioning, private pools and outdoor/indoor living areas are a real plus, while in the cooler climes open fires or central heating, double glazing and insulation maximise comfort.

Wining and dining

Depending on what type of vacation experience you’re looking for, you may want to dine out every meal, or buy up at the local stores and cater for yourself. Check out the in-villa kitchen facilities: is there a decent stove top for cooking? A dishwashing machine? A good-sized fridge?

Many resort-style villas – including those at Karma Resorts – offer excellent onsite dining options, room service and even cooking classes, however, sometimes it’s easier to keep the kids fed with a few easy meals made by mum and dad.


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