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From annual initiatives including Camp Royal in India and the Penguin Walk to providing scholarships to help break the cycle of poverty, we update you on Karma Group’s global philanthropy ‘Karma Cares’ initiatives.

Since its beginning, the Karma Group hospitality was founded on generosity.  Not just in providing unforgettable experiences, top shelf entertainment and inspired vacations, but also by improving the wellbeing of the local communities where Karma Group’s resorts are located.

Karma Group’s Chairman, John Spence, has long been passionate about building strong community connections and giving something back and has won many awards for his philanthropic work.

Here are the Karma Group’s Karma Cares main initiatives…

Since 1993, the Karma Group has supported Christel House. This is an International non-profit organisation based in Bangalore dedicated to transforming the lives of kids from impoverished inner city backgrounds – and building self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

One of the highlights is Karma’s annual ‘Camp Royal’ holiday, where year, grade 8 kids from Christel House get to experience a fun-filled vacation at one of Karma Group’s Goa resorts.

Now in its 18th consecutive year, these kids are treated as guests and enjoy all the resort amenities including the luxury accommodations, meals, arts, games, painting, swimming, and trips to the nearby beaches (many of these kids have never seen the sea before).

Says Esperanca Patricio, President and Managing Director, Karma Group, India & the Middle East: ‘This year we hosted 65 children and teachers from Christel House. They stayed with us for five days and had the most amazing holiday.’ She says that the resort staff also got together and created a fund which they used to buy gifts for the kids.

In addition, the Karma Group also donated funds to help build a library and raised funds for college scholarships.

Meet Sindhu who graduated from Christel House with a four-year scholarship from Karma Group to pursue a career in hospitality at one of the best institutions in the country.

‘I am very passionate about working in this industry and I’m prepared to work hard for it,’ Sindhu wrote in a letter to Karma Group’s Chairman John Spence and the Karma Group family worldwide. ‘What excites me about working in this field is the opportunity to meet many new people and travel the world.’

Says John Spence: ‘It makes me and all of us at Karma Group so so proud and happy that we can make a difference and help change lives and realise dreams.  This really matters and makes a big difference. It really does and we are all so proud to be part of your endeavours.’

Sindhu is just one of 18 recipients of Karma Group’s scholarships – and we’re sure there are  many more to follow!

Another creative venture was the ‘Christel House Art Project Association’, a collaboration between the talented young artists of Christel House and Karma Group’s in-house artist, Rajesh Chari.

Over four inspirational days, the children were guided by Rajesh on the technicalities of how to curate a wall-mounted artwork. They explored the sights of Goa, watched videos about its colorful heritage and together crafted an incredible mural upon the library wall.

The result is a 20 x 40 feet mural of lush green and ocean blue landscapes with scenes and stories depicting local fishing and village-life   – all painted in vibrant colors, shades, hints and hues that are typically Goan.

Says Esperanca Patricio ‘This partnership with Karma Group helped our children create a masterpiece that will forever mark the strong bond between Karma Group and Christel House.’

The spirited mural also marked the significance of the nutrition program and Camp Royal sponsored by Mr. John Spence.

The Bali Life Foundation
Over in Bali, Karma Group is the major sponsor of The Bali Life Foundation which strives to give hope, dignity and purpose to disadvantaged children. The foundation’s main projects include a children’s home, a shelter for street children and a women’s centre. It also runs a sustainable farm providing food for its centres, as well as an educational programme that teaches vocational subjects such as computers, hospitality and cookery to vulnerable members of the community. Karma Group contributes both practical and financial support to the Bali Life Foundation to help it continue its valuable work. As well as direct financial contributions, we collect donations from guests and also give complimentary nights at Karma Kandara to charity auctions for this cause.

Karma has also purchased school supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment and Christmas presents for the children.

Another fun event to raise scholarships for Christel House is the Penguin Walk, where each year, John Spence, and a revolving cast of friends and associates dress up as wildlife characters to take part in the 38k ‘Penguin Walk across Provence’.

Starting at Karma Group’s Le Preverger, the intrepid penguins ‘waddle’ through the hills to catch the sunrise before a leisurely breakfast. A boat to St. Tropez delivers them to lunch and a chance to rest their weary flippers, where the thirsty penguins are hydrated in top order.

Explains Spence: ‘The Penguin Walk is a more direct and fun way for our members and guests to get involved in unique and fulfilling experiences, which is something we’re very much focused on and part of what Karma is about as a brand.’

In a nutshell, Karma Group’s ethos is bringing enjoyment, opportunities and a sense of generosity and community into everything they do.

In our view, giving back is just good karma!

Karma Group supports many charitable organisations and causes around the world, with a special emphasis on empowering disadvantaged young people to pursue their dreams. From providing opportunities and equipment to children with disabilities in Bali through the Kupu-Kupu Foundation to working with impoverished children in Vietnam through Children’s Hope In Action (CHIA) in Vietnam, to helping young athletic talents fulfil their promise in sports like rugby, Karma Group is committed to giving something back.

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