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Bali is a cultural hive, where the East traditions meet the West practices. The vibrant and exciting food scene in Bali is the perfect example of this melting pot. The Bali Restaurants are a true representation of culinary twists, new and innovative approaches towards food and the creative preparation of locally produced ingredients.

Visit the Karma Kandara and dine at the spectacular di Mare restaurant!

On our list, we included posh restaurants and unique spots that offer mouthwatering dishes. If you want to stay in the resort, then the di Mare restaurant will provide you with more then just delicious cuisine, and if you are in the mood to explore Bali, we’ve got you covered, from trying desserts made with the new bending principals of molecular gastronomy at the Room 4 Dessert to everyone’s favourite restaurant the Italian La Lucciola.

Bali is a paradise for food lovers, and its traditional cuisine is one of the reasons travellers from all over the world flock to the island. You have plenty of options to choose from our list; just pick the ones you would like to try.

The di Mare: Among the best restaurants in Bali

The ideal gourmet restaurant is located on the clifftop of the Karma Kandara. The award-winning di Mare is one of the best restaurants in Bali because it combines fine dining with a top-notch luxurious atmosphere and breathtaking vistas. Your dinner will be complemented by an excellent selection of international and domestic wines.

The Mediterranian-inspired menu offers a wide assortment of choices that blend flavours and traditional Balinese spices. The ingredients used to prepare the meals are local, sessional and organic. The view from the terrasse is truly magnificent any time of the day, whether in the morning when the sun is kissing the ocean, around noon when the warm afternoon colours mirror from the water or in the night when the moon is shining upon the coast.

This Karma Group resort also features the incredible Karma Beach and the top cliff Temple Bar. You should visit them too while staying at the resort.

Top restaurants in Bali: The Kubu

One of the top restaurants in Bali is Kubu, located in Ubud, and offering you river-side dining experience. Kubu is popular because of the unique position on the Ayung River and the interesting architectural bamboo design. If you want to have a romantic night out with your partner, you could book one of the nine private cocoons overlooking the river.

Their Executive Chef Maurizio Bombini created the menu in a Mediterranean spirit. The dishes are prepared from local ingredients with a Europian twist, and their signature venue is the six- to eight-course degustation menu.

The Barbacoa

The Barbacoa is unique, not only when it comes to the menu but also in the setting. Located in Seminyak, this rustic restaurant serves delicious Southern American dishes. From the moment you walk inside, you know that you are in a quality steakhouse, with the small modification that it is located in Bali, and it has a Mexican flavour to it.

Barbacoa is famous for its BBQ food choices, made on wood fire and charcoal. The fire techniques used to prepare the dishes derive from Latin America and should bring out the flavours in the meat. Even though, as a BBQ restaurant, it is a favourite spot among meat lovers, they still feature over 22 vegetarian choices, 28 gluten-free options, a kids menu and set course menus.

The restaurant is situated in a large warehouse space area that has high ceilings with great candlelight-looking chandeliers. Everything is made almost entirely out of wood. The floor is covered in mosaic tiles, and the vintage leather chairs and sofas make the guests comfortable. The restaurant features an open veranda with views of the beautiful rice paddies.

The La Lucciola

If you want to visit a beachfront dining Bali restaurant, that has been famous for years, and it is a must-see attraction on Seminyak’s food scene, then welcome to La Lucciola. Located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Seminyak, the restaurant view is stunning, so you will enjoy in the panorama as much as you are enjoying the food.

In the evenings, the atmosphere is amazingly romantic with a gentle wind coming from the ocean. You can try some of the local signature cocktails, while the flickering lights of the candles caress your face, and you smell the scent of fresh frangipanis. It is a family-friendly restaurant and perfect for a date with your significant other. For the best view of the ocean, head up to the upstairs balcony.

La Lucciola features a Meditarinian cuisine, with the accent on Italian dishes, from soft poached eggs, dill hollandaise sauce, salmon, toasted ciabatta bread, soufflé to tomato salsa. If you want to experience Italy in Bali, then the La Lucciola is your best chance for that.

The Locavore

Locavore means “one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible,” and the name fits this restaurant perfectly. Awarded with the prize best restaurant in Indonesia in 2016 and listed as one of the best 50 restaurants in Asia, you should not miss the opportunity to dine at this lavish spot in Ubud. The culinary experience is close to flawless. The dishes served are prepared in the classical Europian methods, but only from high-quality, organic and local ingredients.

Every meal is carefully decorated by the hands of the experienced kitchen staff and their lead chefs Ray and Eelke. Eating at the Locavore is a pleasure for the senses. You can choose between the “locavore” or the vegetarian “herbivore” menu. Each of them is five to seven options long, and you will notice the unusual mix of Asian fusion and Europian tradition.

The Room 4 Dessert

If you are intrigued to try new culinary trends, then Room 4 Dessert near Ubud will fulfil that wish. They will present you with mouth-watering deserts served on lux plates prepared with the help of molecular gastronomy. The chef Will Goldfarb if famous for experimenting with tastes and local ingredients, and you would not guess some of them belong on the same plate. You will savour in desserts made with snakefruit, mangosteen, “kemangi” or “belinjo” mixed with cranberry or vanilla.

The plates are neat, elegant, and the food is decorated beautifully. You can expect expats and the local “in” crowd of Bali inside. The ambience of the place is intimate, delicate and sophisticated. If you are craving something sweet, new and different, give Room 4 Dessert a try.

The Merah Putih

The décor and the vast spaciousness and luxury of the Merah Putih restaurant in Kerobokan will impress you, and that is just walking in from the front door. Their menu is filled with traditional Indonesian and fusion food (Indonesian but with a Western twist) choices. The dining model is taken from the native nasi padang concept, meaning you have a selection of small dishes to cherry-pick from and share with your party.

The ceiling is high, and the windows are made from filtered glass so you can enjoy the moonlight shining on you while you dine. The pillars you will see around the hall collect and filter rainwater in a sustainable manner generate supplies for the restaurant. They get creative with ingredients and flavours giving traditional food a little bit more flare.

The Sarong

Sarong is an award-winning restaurant located in Seminyak that combines luxury with quality. You will have a fine dining experience and enjoy the warm atmosphere of lavishness. When you walk inside, you will have the feeling that you are visiting a traditional Javanese joglo house with the vibrant, rich colours of gold and red. The open ceilings and dramatic chandeliers give the restaurant charm, and the comfortable sitting chart makes the atmosphere relaxing.

The menu is composed out of international and local entries, starter salads and various meat dishes. Their seafood options are divine, from roasted Snapper to filled Malabari. The highly praised chef Will Meyrick designs the creative menu. Almost every plate served at the Sarong is cooked from local ingredients.

The Pica South American Kitchen

The Pica South American Kitchen is different from the local restaurants you will find in Bali, mostly because of the menu choices. Owned by the Chilean chef, Cristian Encina, this restaurant features South American food, with Peruvian and Argentinian dishes. Located in the centre of Ubud, the small restaurant has an attractive ambience. You will try natural ingredients like mahi-mahi, barramundi and sweet potato cooked in an entirely different way, with a lot of spices and new flavours added to them.

The signature dish of the Pica South American Kitchen is the ceviche, a famous Peruvian raw seafood plate made with Peruvian leche de Tigre. Since this Bali restaurant is small but popular among the Ubud crowd, you must book a table before going there. Why not try some Peruvian cuisine while you are in Bali?

Book a table at the award-winning di Mare restaurant!

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