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Dreamland Beach wedding Bali — a wish turning into reality!

So much love and beautiful ideas and thoughts go into planning the perfect wedding. Finding the right location, the people you want to surround yourself with and the atmosphere and tone of the celebration itself all play key parts. If you already have an idea and that idea includes a beach wedding, Bali is the ideal place for you! The Indonesian white beaches are renowned for their splendor!

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Karma is about soul. It’s about putting extra before ordinary. And it’s about you

Karma Kandara is the place you want to make this dream come true! It’s a 5-star resort in the heart of Bali, located in Uluwatu, the most famous Indonesian island. It has breathtaking views, and it was designed upon the advice of a Feng Shui master. There are noble energies and good fortunes that will surround you and your loved one, while you’re starting your life together on its marvelous beach.

This package is superb for planning a wedding in Bali. You’ll be enjoying the local cuisine with a European twist right on your plates while your feet are touching the sand and your eyes are feasting on the blue of the ocean and the green of the forest. Every sense will be satisfied, but above else, it will be a memory that will hold a special place in your heart forever. So, why not make it out of this world?!

The Bali beach wedding everyone will be talking about for years to come

Reading the reviews of our guests about the incredible experience they had while holding the wedding here or being invited as guests is the best recommendation! This is the top choice resort Bali has to offer!

“Wow!  I have to say Karma Kandara in Uluwatu is THE most amazing wedding venue I have seen to date.  The views, the cliffs, the hazy light, the architecture….breathtaking.  So excited, running around like a mad woman trying to choose between the copious options of where to photograph.”  Katrina Hawley, AU on Third Eye Photography

“We stayed in a 3 bedroom villa with private pool when we attended a wedding. From start to finish our time here was divine. The villa was delightful complete with an outdoor shower and great deck for relaxing by the pool. The main infinity pool is breathtaking and the private beach accessible only by cable car is one of a kind. The wedding ran smoothly with great food and drink.” Shehana, AU on Trip Advisor 

What you need to know about the wedding venue

Let us explain everything in detail about what you’re really getting with this incredible Bali beach wedding!

Let’s start off by saying it’s a nonexclusive venue hire for two hours that will host around 150 guests. So, if you wanted to make a big party and invite more people, you could do that, it’s up to you! It was designed as a grand celebration of two people that will exchange their vows of love and commitment under the sky. If you want an exclusive venue, of course, that is also an option!

You get to stay for one night in a one-bedroom pool villa in the resort, and at the end of this amazing festivity, will be delivered a ceremony celebrant with commemorative certificate.  This is somewhat the perfect token of your beach wedding, Bali as an Elysium and your love are crowned right there on the beach.

Of all the flowers in Bali, this arrangement was made!

The flower arrangements for this wedding are a special section by itself. Their beauty and freshness will transform the beach into something even more magical. First, there is the canopy, created from natural Bamboo decorated with white curtains and flowers that spiral around it, making it look like it was transcended directly from an enchanted fairy forest.

Then, we have the white signing table and the centerpiece to match it, yes, you guessed it, with white flowers as amazingly stunning decorations.  That, of course, is not the only white flowers you’ll see, because they match the aisle, which is literary covered with white petals for you to walk on to your soul mate, waiting for you under the canopy. Like walking on clouds, yes, we said it, it’s heavenly!

And we have more; there will be a flower shower for up to 30 of your guests. The bride will receive a rose flower bouquet and the groom a corsage. It’s up to you to choose the color: white, red or pink. 

The extras you need in your wedding party, to go the extra mile

You can opt between a DJ, acoustic guitar, a band (with or without a saxophone), string quartet and a wandering local trio for the music. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and loving the local, traditional vibe, then as entertainment, you can get fire, Balinese or Brazilian dancers, some fireworks or the deluxe tribal fusion dance! 

You can also add on the decorations and flowers if such is your wish. They future four types of wedding cakes, too, for you choose from. One is made entirely out of cupcakes — how chick and cute is that? From the spa and beauty section, you can get all your usual wedding services, like hair, make-up, couples massage and a honeymoon package.

Karma Group, has also prepared photography and videography menu choices for you, with some optional extras in there if you want a bit more sparkle.      

Last but not least, let’s look at the deluxe menus!

  • Indonesian Rijsttafel Menu – Organic vegetables, chicken and tuna in mongrass, garlic and spicy tomato sauces, rice puddings and main dishes that are the signature sign of Indonesian cuisine!
  • Asian Style Menu – Here you will find Balinese and Vietnamese, and all of these delights are wrapped up fresh, with local ingredients and decorated like spicy wonders on a plate!
  • Western Style Menu – If you love your traditional western gastronomy, then you can safely go with this option. We promise you that you will enjoy it!
  • Canapé Selection or Gourmet Canapé Selection.

All of this is prepared by the award-winning di Mare restaurant!

As we said at the beginning, a beach wedding, Bali style is something that will make all of your wishes come true. It is classy, elegant and yet adventurous. It has the deluxe of Karma and the natural ocean breeze you will always remember caressing your face!

Book today and fulfill your wedding plans!  

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