Experience the glitz and glamour of 2018’s Cannes Film Festival

Experience the glitz and glamour of 2018’s Cannes Film Festival

Few film festivals are more prestigious or glamorous than the Cannes Film Festival, where attendance is by invitation only and a ticket means sitting near someone rich or famous – maybe even your favorite movie star.

Hosted in Cannes, the charming French Riviera seaside town that gave it its name – a place fringed with pretty beaches, posh boutiques, grand hotels and starry crowds – this eponymous industry event always features a dazzling collection of film screenings and premieres, each year more magnificent than the one before.
An important showcase for European films of all genres, particularly art cinema, the Film Festival is a significant event for film producers seeking to launch their new movies, promoting them to distributors who fly in from all over the world to scout out the next cinematographic masterpiece.
2018’s edition, the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, scheduled to take place from May 8 to May 19, will be no exception to the rule of star-studded excess and upstaging, with throngs of Hollywood heavyweights, red carpet unfurled all along the Croisette, over-the-top A-list parties, and ritzy charity events.

In short: Cannes will be the ultimate place to see and be seen.

So get in on the act and stay at a place that not only makes you feel famous, but that actually is famous and has even hosted some big names in its time – including royalty. Once owned by French movie star Jeanne Moreau, the historic chateau Le Preverger was patronized by the likes of Orson Welles, Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso. When later acquired by English country designer and fashion maven Laura Ashley, the estate’s guest list was no less impressive, featuring names such as Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, to mention but a few.

Set in the heart of the French Riviera amidst woodlands and vineyards overlooking the playground of St. Tropez, the rich heritage, legendary glamour and rustic French charm of Karma Le Preverger’s aristocratic private chateau and estate fits the bill for privilege, luxury and exclusivity. And that’s just what an aspiring film star, cinephile or even mere mortal (a star in disguise) with discerning taste needs.

For more information on how to experience Riviera living at Le Preverger, contact your Karma concierge.


Le Preverger

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