5 reasons to enjoy Autumn on the Isles of Scilly, UK

5 reasons to enjoy Autumn on the Isles of Scilly, UK

Autumn is the perfect time to experience all that the Isles of Scilly has to offer. School’s back and the islands enjoy some of the best weather of the year.

The Isles of Scilly, an archipelago 28 miles off the Cornish coast, is a subtropical world away from the rest of England. Locals say the islands are at their most vibrant, colourful, and lively during the off-season when “birders” arrive for the seasonal migration and the Scillys host two of their most festive and fun annual events.

Taste of Scilly, September 2018

This month-long celebration of local flavours and fresh produce from the Isles of Scilly will have you loosening your belt a notch. Meet the farmers and producers who are fast giving Scilly a reputation as a foodie’s paradise. Hear their stories, watch them work and, best of all, sample mouth-watering food, fine island wines and Scilly ales.

Walk yourself Scilly, 11th-15th October 2018

The Walk Scilly weekend makes the most of Scilly’s diverse wildlife and natural splendour during the season. Pull on your hiking boots and explore this pristine playground by foot, chose a themed trek with a local guide, or observe the mass migration of over 400 avian species.

Abbey Gardens, Tresco

This horticultural heaven, established in the 1830’s, makes the most of Isles of Scilly’s sub-tropical climate with more than 20,000 exotic plants from all over the world. Autumn is the time to visit when the plants are blooming- providing a bouquet of scent and colour like no other.

Wild on the plate, St. Martin’s

A stay at Karma St. Martin’s puts the ingredients for autumnal flavours right outside your door. Head down to Great Bay to find samphire and other edible plants growing in the rock pools, or look inland for some local Isles of Scilly fruits and ingredients such as yarrow leaves and wild fennel seeds to add to your supper. Karma St Martin’s Cloudesley Shovell restaurant takes a hyper-local and seasonal approach to food. Executive Chef Mike Potts and his merry band of foragers can be found traversing the fields in search of seasonal seasonings to delight and inspire diners.

Isles of Scilly seal pups

Take a boat trip to the uninhabited Eastern Isles to see breeding colonies of Atlantic grey seals. Early Autumn is perfect for a visit as it’s when you’ll be able to catch the colony’s fluffy and unbelievably cute seal pups playing and putting on a ton of weight before they head out into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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