Bali’s healing powers much more than skin deep

Bali’s healing powers much more than skin deep

With a culture centred on daily temple offerings, spirituality, sacred prayer and community, Bali is already the world’s best spa and wellness destination. Balinese women have long massaged their babies to promote circulation, and the locals have been downing Jamu turmeric shots long before the brightly coloured orange root was named a ‘superfood’.

The ‘island of the gods’ offers a diverse landscape of beach, mountains, jungle, rice fields, and urban life – all of which provide a sublime backdrop to beautiful spas, retreats and wellness experiences. For the wellness seeker, there’s no other place like Bali on earth.

The world’s No.1 Yoga Hub

There are not many places in the world where you find over fifty yoga retreats all situated within a one to two-hour drive from each other, yet Bali has almost an overabundance of choice. Yoga venues range from eco-bamboo structures set in the rice fields to rustic yoga shacks on secluded beaches and phenomenal yoga bales in the mountains – Bali offers travellers beautiful spaces to move, meditate and breathe.

A bonafide Spa Mecca

Year after year, Bali continues to win accolades as the best spa destination in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Picture yourself bathing in flower baths by a sacred river, or receiving a traditional healing from a Balinese shaman, and you get a sense of the depth of Bali’s own indigenous spa culture. The good news is spa treatments here are nicely affordable (you can get a decent massage for around fifty dollars or so).

The healing touch

Interestingly, Balinese therapists are currently the most sought-after spa professionals worldwide, with a natural gift for being gracious, generous, and knowledgeable. For visitors to Bali, it means you’ll receive some of the most experienced, professional, and caring help you’d find anywhere.

Stand your ground on health and Retreat

Unfortunately for most of us, modern life means a running battle with a range of health issues including obesity, diabetes, stress and insomnia, so there are many good reasons pack your bags and head off on a wellness retreat. Bali has a wealth of different wellness retreat providers catering for a range of budgets, including our very own Karma Spa. Getaways may include family yoga and fitness retreats, much-needed digital detoxes, meditation, herbal and therapeutic themes. Put simply, Bali offers something for everyone.

A Raw Food Haven

Imagine a peaceful walk through green rice paddies to reach an organic café, or savouring an Ayurvedic-inspired meal as you look out over an organic garden. Driven by increasing awareness and global demand, Bali’s wellness-inspired food scene has matured in the last decade and now leads the world in developing a sustainable approach to healthy eating.

So, whether you’re looking for as relaxing massage, or need help to kickstart your health and wellness goals, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Bali.

By Judy Chapman, Karma Spa Ambassador

Written by Karma Group

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