Bavarian Cuisine – The Definition of Good, Hearty Country Eating!

Bavarian Cuisine – The Definition of Good, Hearty Country Eating!

Think Bavaria and rich stews, schnitzels, mash and pastries probably spring to mind. You wouldn’t be far wrong. The cuisine from this storied part of Germany is built on rural traditions from the 19th century – hearty, filling and fresh from the farm…you’ll find all this and more at Karma Bavaria, our resort nestled high in the beautiful Bavarian Alps…

Let’s start with the humble knödel. The knödel is central to Bavarian cooking. But what exactly is a knödel? It’s a large potato or bread dumpling made without yeast that’s a traditional festive dish, though it can be enjoyed year round. Best served with chopped pork – another Bavarian favourite – it really hits the spot, particularly after a ski session on the slopes or a trek in the mountains.

Besides knödel, there’s a cornucopia of mouth-watering meat and fish options that are commonly enjoyed in the region, from sizzling sausages like the famous Munich Weißwurst (invented in 1857) to tender beef and veal dishes to local trout from the rivers and lakes found throughout the mountains.

Karma Bavaria’s signature dishes include freshly caught trout served with parsley potatoes, lemon butter and salad. The fillet of beef with mash and market vegetables is also a big favourite.

Then there are the stews. There were few recipes for mixed vegetables in the early Bavarian cookbooks, and stews played hardly any role until the middle of the 19th century. For example, the Pichelsteiner stew [a rich mix of mutton, beef, pork and vegetables including cabbage, leek, carrot and parsley] was introduced in Eastern Bavaria in 1847. One of the most iconic Bavarian dishes is the Leberkäse, a kind of cake made of corned beef, pork, bacon and onions that’s traditionally served with potato salad and sweet mustard. And ideally a local beer, of which there are more than a few as you might imagine, considering Bavaria is home to the world famous Munich Beer Festival!

Much of the food at Karma Bavaria is sourced from the Viktualienmarket in Munich, where you can find the freshest and tastiest produce – perfect for creating faithful renditions of one of the heartiest cooking traditions in the world!

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Written by Wirka Wayan

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