Go Wild In The Isles Of Scilly

Go Wild In The Isles Of Scilly

This Isles of Scilly is fast establishing itself as a niche destination unlike anywhere else in the British Isles, thanks in no small part to its nature offerings…

The Isles of Scilly have been designated “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” since 1975 and no wonder – the archipelago offers a rich and varied tapestry of landscapes and seascapes – from woodlands to wetlands, rocky headlands to windswept heaths, coral reefs to white sand beaches lapped by water the colour of the Mediterranean.

Spring tends to come early to the Isles of Scilly thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream making April a great time to visit the islands. The heaths and moorland are filled with spring flowers, and scented narcissi flower along the islands’ maze of hedgerows. It’s also a great time for fascinating wildlife encounters as migratory bird species return to the islands. You’ll see shearwaters (famed for their diving prowess) petrels and the iconic puffins.

The best way to get up close and personal with the Scilly wildlife is by boat of course. Besides the species above, you’ll also likely encounter Atlantic grey seals, dolphins & porpoises as well as other sea birds including cormorants, razorbills and shags.

Head underwater and there’s a surprising variety of seascapes to explore in extremely clear waters, particularly around the coast of the largest island St Martin’s. Seals are a big draw of course – you often find them among undulating sea kelp forests. There are more than 100 wreck dives, besides cold water reefs and rock walls that are home to a wide range of invertebrates including many varieties of sponges and fan corals.

Karma St Martins is a luxury resort that perfectly fits the bucolic environment – its stone residences resemble a hamlet set in stunning landscaped gardens planted with an array of sub tropical species and visitors are just a few steps away from a tranquil white sand beach. There’s even a jetty for visiting boats.

The 30 rooms themselves enjoy stirring views across the ocean, there’s a lobby in the manner of a plush and cozy living room and a well stocked library for whiling away those long Spring afternoons…


Karma St Martins

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