The Hottest Fitness Trends For 2018

The Hottest Fitness Trends For 2018


In today’s culture where we spend so much time on our screens and less time outdoors so there’s never been a more crucial time for all of us to move more. The good news is that there’s also never been such a variety of fun ways to stay fit – from checking into a hotel room fitted out with work-out equipment to at-home live streaming group cycling classes to the rise of smog-free wellness destinations – these are some of Karma’s favourite picks for the most exciting fitness trends for 2018.

Did you know that exercising outdoors has now been proven to activate our brain differently if we exercised indoors? Well, if you think of how good you feel when walking, hiking and skiing outdoors, this one is a no brainer. Also, as we spend more and more time in front of our screens (artificial light) then it makes sense that we need to get out doors to balance this out. Look out for more innovative Jungle Gyms and Beach Bootcamps (at Karma Jimbaran, for instance, the trainers use natural coconut husk for ropes and sacks of rice for weights for fun). There’s even some fun apps around to motivate us such as he FOREST APP (LINK) that plants a tree after you spend a certain amount of hours outdoors (and off your phone).

At the other end of the scale there’s the PELATON movement. Cold outside and you feel demotivated to drive or walk to your gym? Pelaton is essentially an indoor cycling studio inside your own home and you can work-out anytime. Tune into over 4,000 on -demand 24-hour live streaming classes. Another advantage is they offer ‘ride together’ sessions so you can work-out with a diverse community – and we all know that social engagement is now one of the contributing factors to longevity! Other brands getting on board the Pelaton craze include Flywheel and Soulcycle.

On this note, GROUP FITNESS is back in vogue. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), 2018 is the year for social work-outs. From bootcamps, to dance, hiking and cycling, the idea is to bring people together in a positive environment. Did you know that there’s a loneliness epidemic? The math isn’t difficult on this one: the more we open up and connect with others the more supported and happy we feel. The idea behind #karmawellnessweek is to bring people together in a positive environment – we’ve got cardio & coconuts and muay-thai & mocktails plus happy hour happening every night – expert to depart with newly-formed friendships!

Check in and work out! Urban hotels are taking it up a level by offering in-room fitness gear, yoga mats and TV fitness channels with 24 hours of yoga, pilates and other classes. Some hotel rooms even come with their own yoga corner and treadmill or bike! Others offer running maps, morning jogs with the General Manager – and even their own fitness app. Healthy min-bars are a thing now and at Karma Kandara, for example, yours is filled with healthier snacks and rehydration coconut waters. In the not too distant future, perhaps your front office receptionist will also double as a wellness or fitness concierge? In a nutshell: there’s really no more excuses not to stay fit while on the road.

Wearable technology such as Fitbits and Apple Watches are not new. Have you heard about the Motiv Ring that tracks activity via your finger? But the next movement is ‘smart clothing’ that tracks your performance. imagine a world where your yoga pants deliver feedback to encourage better form and glasses to monitor how much sweat you are releasing – there’s a new movement happening ‘so to speak’.

Being fit is not just about moving the body but also about moving and enhancing our breath that in turn benefits our body and state of mind. Mindfulness and meditation classes and retreats are on the rise – who doesn’t need to feel more grounded and centered these days? Clean air has become a worldwide health issue and it feels more crucial than ever to live and work in environments where the air is healthy. Breathing fresh oxygen into our bodies boosts brain and body function. Look out for the rise in lung-cleansing getaways and check our Karma Bavaria and karma St.Martins for inspiration.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) 
This was highlighted as the number one growing fitness class trend back in 2014 and is still going strong. And it’s easy to understand why. Time is the new luxury and the advantage of HIIT is that it is basically a 30-minute workout that makes you sweat and burn. It involves short bursts of maximum-effort followed by low-intensity rest and recovery periods. Just some of the benefits include increased memory function and feelings of positivity. From Barre to Pilates to HIIT, this is the one to do when you want to fry fat – fast!

Feeling motivated? Check out #karmawellnesweek that is on at all Karma Resorts around the globe. It’s an epic week of complimentary fitness classes, healthy cuisine and amazing spa offers. From hiking in the Bavarian mountains to yoga and Pilates in Bali to HIIT high-intensity interval training and aqua fitness, Karma Resorts  have the healthy holiday down!

Written by andrio angga

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