The Art Of The Blend: Kamil Foltan Brings His Cocktail Creations To Karma Kandara

The Art Of The Blend: Kamil Foltan Brings His Cocktail Creations To Karma Kandara

From perfectly balanced sours to zingy mojitos to his own bespoke creations, Kamil Foltan knows how to mix the perfect drink…which is precisely why we invited him to work with our team at Kandara…

A 15-year veteran of the bar business – following a childhood spent shadowing his father, who himself worked in hospitality – Kamil Foltan has mixed drinks everywhere from Prague to Hong Kong to Dublin. And it isn’t just the art of blending cocktails that he brings to the table – he’s also a master of the bar business and a stickler for all those practical things like quality control and stock management. It was a pleasure to welcome Kamil to Karma Kandara and in between his intensive training sessions with the Karma bar staff as they worked together to develop a an exciting new menu, we managed to grab a few words with him…

KK What has your experience been like working with the Karma Kandara bar team?

Kamil: The bar team is great. Both the teams at Karma Beach and di Mare restaurant are passionate about bartending and mixology and are keen to learn new tricks – and that makes it more exciting for me as well! I love their input and introduction of local flavors, that I’d never heard of – so I’ve been learning a lot of new things as well!

KK What can we expect from the new drinks menu you’re developing?

Kamil: Well, the new menu is still under development, but the drinks will be playful, robust in flavor and they’ll compliment both environments in different ways – Karma Beach and di Mare restaurant. I can also say that we are drawing a lot of inspiration from local ingredients. I love all the drinks!

What are your 5 favorite ingredients to work with to give your drinks an extra edge?
Kamil: That’s actually hard to say, as I build drinks around flavours. I would have to say gin, blended whisky, rum, aromatic bitters and – if you’ll allow me this last one – glassware! I love classy glassware as well as unexpected vessels for drinks 🙂

If there was only one cocktail you could drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Kamil: Oooh another tough one. It’s a toss up between these two: G&T or Classic Daiquiri.

Of all the places you’ve visited, which has best bars in your opinion and why?
Kamil: Good question! I’ve been to many bars from all around the world which are amazing. What makes them great are the people who work in them. I love the bar scene in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, London and Paris to name a few…

Written by andrio angga

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