The Karma guide to… our boutique St Tropez estate, Le Preverger

The Karma guide to… our boutique St Tropez estate, Le Preverger

Nestled in the hills above St Tropez, Le Preverger has long been known as a jewel in the crown of the French Riviera.

If the walls of Le Preverger could talk. Laura Ashley sat by that window having a drink with Princess Di and Margaret Thatcher. Jeanne Moreau, the monarch of french new-wave film, used to host extravagant parties right there with the likes of Dalí, Picasso and Brigitte Bardot in attendance.

In the 1940s when Ashley travelled Provence on the back of her newlywed husband’s motorbike, they happened to pass Le Preverger and stopped for a gander. So enchanted was Ashley by the property that she vowed to “work like hell to become successful and live there”. In 1983, Ashley was given the keys to Le Preverger, fulfilling her life-long dream.

Join the jet set

Set amid 200 acres of prime provincial farmland – including a small private vineyard, chestnut woods and an olive grove with over 1000 trees – Le Preverger exudes a kind of nonchalance and Bohemian chic, yet simultaneously epitomises all the class, glamour and rarified air of the international jet set.

Johnny Depp has a place down the lane, so does Liam Neeson. Jude Law and Richard E Grant shot scenes for the 2013 film Dom Hemingway in the chateau and grounds. A trip into St Tropez yields even more stars in fancy cars.

Inside, interior designer to said stars, Nicky Haslam, has transformed Le Preverger into an historical star-studded homage, and an ode to contemporary french provincial luxury. Boasting 18 bedrooms, 8 reception rooms and 11 bathrooms, the chateau’s appeal lies as much in its bucolic setting as its classic architecture.

Huge sofas and deep armchairs now surround the fireplace, with a second seating area between a set of doors, where the terrace beyond gives views down to an immense, crescent-shaped pool.

Pool at Le Preverger, St Tropez, a Karma Estate
Soak up the view… the pool at Le Preverger, St Tropez.

Adjoining the salon, Haslam’s design inspiration was a sophisticated cave, with a large stone table to hold icy bottles of wine, rosé or Champagne, leather banquettes to perch on and vintage photographs of Jeanne Moreau, Le Preverger’s former chatelaine.

It’s hard not to feel as if one has been elevated to a different plain of existence, where every experience seems distilled to be the best example of its type – pure and unadulteratedly exquisite.

Le Preverger sitting room, St Tropez, France, a Karma Estate
One of the many unique sitting rooms in Le Preverger – there’s a room for every mood.

Le Preverger today

Le Preverger’s new owner, Karma Group’s Founder, Mr John Spence, has opened up Le Preverger exclusively for Karma members, part of Karma’s continuing commitment to entertaining our members in the most beautiful destinations on earth.

Read more about Le Preverger here


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