The Presets don the Hi Viz at Karma Beach Bali

The Presets don the Hi Viz at Karma Beach Bali

Fresh off the back of a show in Bali and the release of their fourth studio album, Hi Viz, Australian Electronic Dance Music royalty Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes, otherwise known as The Presets, dropped in for a surprise gig at Karma Beach Bali on July 15.

The Karma Beach crew grabbed the duo for a quick chat in between tracks.

Is this your first time in Bali?
No, it’s my tenth. I’ve been coming to Bali since I was a kid. I love it.

What brings you guys to Bali?
Playing kick-ass shows.

What’s the experience been like? What is unique about Bali for you?
We’ve been having a wonderful time. The Balinese people are the kindest, most generous and beautiful people in the world.

What is your first impression of Karma Kandara?
First impression – very beautiful.

What has been your favourite experience here?
DJing at the bar was fun. Great food. Good times!

Where did you guys meet each other? How did The Presets come about?
We met at music school 20 years ago. The Presets started one afternoon while we were jamming at Kim’s house on synths and drums.

If you’re not touring or working together, how often do you see each other?
Hardly ever. But we see so much of each other while we work and tour, so it all balances out.

What does a typical week look like back home?
It’s a bit different for each of us. I’m in the studio all day working on something or other – at the moment it’s a new dance work for the Sydney Dance Company.

Do you get much holiday time off during the year?
We try and book it in. Like most professionals, it probably works out to be like 4-6 weeks holiday per year.

How do you like to spend your leisure time?
Spending as much time as I can with family. My kids are at the stage of their life now where our lives kind of revolve around theirs!

What does the future hold for The Presets?
Not sure in the short term. We just finished and released our 4th album, and we’re still in the middle of promoting that. We definitely want to keep making music and performing shows though for the foreseeable future!

What are your plans after Bali? Where can we expect to see you next?
We play Splendour In The Grass back home in Australia in a few days. We’re really looking forward to that.

See you again soon at Karma Kandara?
Definitely. We love it here!

Written by Karma Group

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