Get more out of your Karma membership

Get more out of your Karma membership

With 26 hotels and resorts worldwide a Karma vacation ownership membership is already great value – and we’re always looking to give our members more. That’s why we partner with RCI Holiday Ownership, the world’s largest Holiday Ownership exchange.

The long-standing partnership allows Karma members to benefit from RCI Holiday Ownership vast network of affiliate global resorts and hotels – almost 4,500 resorts in 100 countries – and swap Karma membership points for time at resorts outside the Karma group of properties.

Importantly the reverse is also true – Karma receives thousands of guests a year through RCI Holiday Ownership expanded network, meaning more value for our Fractional owners and investors.

How RCI Holiday Ownership works

Through Karma’s vacation ownership program, existing Karma members receive points to use across Karma’s global properties. It’s an attractive and savvy way to add value to the member experience – instead of sharing time and being limited to a single block of it each year, members can utilise their points at multiple properties year round. Simply put, the power is in the member’s hands as to when they travel, where, and for how long.

While RCI Holiday Ownership is more of a traditional Holiday Ownership product, their global exchange allows Karma members to experience the full benefits of the Karma points system without the fuss and bother of having to convert points to time or vice versa.

At any time, a member can call Karma’s vacation experts and organise a stay through the RCI Holiday Ownership network. At the back end, Karma negotiates with RCI on the member’s behalf to maximise the time they can receive, along with little extras to make their experience extra special.

The benefits

Vacation ownership a long game –  typically members will commit to between fifteen to twenty-five years with Karma – so it’s wholly understandable that members want to see their loyalty rewarded through real-world value.

Often, Karma will negotiate special discounted member-only rates across the RCI Holiday Ownership network based on seasonality, hot destinations, established favourites and emerging markets, and pass these savings directly on to members in the form of timely deals. Want to holiday in the Bahamas? Not a problem. How about a trip to the US? Got you covered. The limit of travel experiences members can access is only limited by how much time they can take off from their everyday commitments.

Add to this: bonus-value weeks – where stays are offered free of charge – a personalised planning service, and even help to book activities and transport… the tired old perception of Holiday Ownership starts to look decidedly ragged around the edges.

Thinking about vacation ownership? Take a look at Karma’s offering here

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