Monkeys in Bali: this is what you want to know before you meet them!

Monkeys in Bali: this is what you want to know before you meet them!

The Monkeys in Bali come in many types and sizes and they have been there for a long time before we explored the island paradise as a holiday destination. One of the most common species is the Long tale macaque, the Balinese call them “Monyet”.

The Monkeys can be found in almost every place close to a forest and since Karma Kandara is located on a oceanside cliff, built in and around wild nature, you can find them there too. Many Resorts in Bali try to get rid of them and chase them away, in some more and some less animal friendly ways.

They are a part of Bali and the stunning nature we are surrounded by. The awareness that it is us who entered their home and not the other way around, gives us reason enough to live with them and not chase them away. They are a bit grumpy sometimes, but we still call them our friends. Our grumpy friends. 🙂

We at Karma Kandara respect the fact, that they have been here hundreds of years before us and engage our guests to do so too. They are not only grumpy, they are enjoyable to watch and a guarantee for many likes on your Instagram account, assuming that they haven’t stolen your camera by then! 😉


Here is what you want to know before you meet them

    Monkeys are extremely curious and they are fascinated by things you carry or leave on your terrace outside.
    Don’t leave any items outside unwatched and keep your doors and windows closed, they don´t hesitate to come inside and take what they like! Yes, they will steal your things if you don´t watch out!
    If a monkey gets the idea that he wants to have something you are carrying and grabs for it, don’t´panic, but just let go! They have a strong will and might fight for it if you don´t. A monkey bite is not something you want to take in exchange to keep your things. He might get it anyway then.
    Try to keep things close to your body and don´t have any loose items hanging around you, like camera straps or the strings from your bag.
    You also should be aware of they incredible sense of smell. they even detect unopened food and for sure will know when you have some food in your bag. They are smart enough to open bags or zippers and search for it. Keep this in mind if you leave your bag on the beach while you go for a swim!
    Feeding them is also not the best idea, they are fat and grumpy enough and you don’t want tons more to come.
    If you find yourself with a monkey on your shoulder, don´t panic. Not all of them are that grumpy, leave him there, he will jump off when he is ready.
    Be careful taking pictures and don´t smile at them! The reflection of its own in a SLR camera can course a attack and when you smile at them, they might misinterpret this gesture because you show your teeth doing that. If you see monkeys showing teeth imminently back off and keep distance. He is not smiling, that is a sign of aggression and not as cute as it might look.

At Karma Kandara you will find some groups of monkeys in different places at different times. They do their daily round and check how their “guest” are doing. They might even gather at a private pool and enjoy the cold water for a while. Let them have some fun and come down to the beach for a while. You should come down there anyway, a unique beach experience, starting with a cable car ride down the cliffs!


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