What Does Pilates Instructor For The English Rugby 7’s Do To Stay Fit & Healthy?

What Does Pilates Instructor For The English Rugby 7’s Do To Stay Fit & Healthy?

UK-based Jo Richards is a certified Pilates instructor with Fine Feathers Pilates and the instructor for the England rugby 7’s.

We all want to know – how did you land the gig of being the Pilates instructor for the England Rugby 7’s? Sounds like the dream job to us!
I have to admit it really is!| The England physio team were looking for a more movement based approach to their treatment and my experience working with and having larger muscle mass worked in my favour! I am also married to an ex player which means I have a good understanding of the tolls the game takes on their bodies.

On this note, what are some of the most common issues with elite athletes in terms of strength and flexibility? How can Pilates remedy injuries?
Flexibility and working muscles at length is often over looked in athletes training. For rugby something as simple as better alignment of your body can absorb impact better and therefore avoid injury. Once injury has happened I work on getting the rest of the body to work as well as possible to support the weaker area.

How did you get turned onto Pilates?
I first came across Pilates whilst doing a performing arts degree. My dance teacher was one of the first people to teach Pilates in the UK. I kept up with the odd class here and there but after having a pelvic separation and fracture during the birth of my daughter, I ended up at a Pilates physio. This therapeutic approach changed my life and I knew then it was what I wanted to do – to help people in the way she had helped me.

What’s your daily program look like in terms of health and fitness?
I always start the day with a shot of cider vinegar in room temperature water. I exercise before breakfast: weights 3 times a week and the others a mix of HIIT training or combat, depending how much time I have!. Then I have a really good breakfast, as it is my favourite meal of the day, along with Turmeric in warm coconut milk. I usually start to see clients at around 9am and squeeze in a Pilates session at some point during the day.

Because work can be quite emotionally draining I try and have moment of mindfulness before collecting the children, either short meditation or something like colouring or lego!!

I like to eat 4 times a day and try and eat a well-rounded balanced diet, with all the food groups and good fats. I don’t drink much….unless someone opens champagne!!! On Sunday’s we do a long walk or a long bike ride as a family.

You are also a Nutrition adviser. What do you recommend as an idea base for eating well, staying nourished?
I think we all really know that a good balanced diet, with as little processed food and sugar is all you need. Look at your plate, there should be different colours and a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s always a good idea to use your hand as palm as a guide – a palm of protein, 2 palms of leafy colourful veg, a palm of carbohydrates. When it comes to fat either one finger of liquid fat, two fingers of hard fats (like nuts and seeds). Finally, don’t deprive yourself of the things you love… you’ll just end up craving them more!

What are your top 3 fitness predictions for 2018?
1. I think we will see more and more people doing individual focused fitness. The advancement and ease of DNA tests for this seems to be taking off and it makes a lot of sense!
2. Pilates! Yes I know I am biased but in the UK at least it has really taken off, especially HITT Pilates classes.
3. It’s not fitness as such, but prepared healthy meals delivered to your door seem to be coming more affordable and make eating better much more achievable!

Inspired by their partnership with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the England Sevens team for 2017/18, including hosting the England Sevens in Bali after the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia, Karma launches it’s first #karmawellnessweek at all Karma Resorts around the globe.
And… we’re thrilled to announce that Jo will be joining us! She will teach her Polestar Pilates Method and Restorative Pilates each day of our Karma Wellness Week at Karma Kandara – Polestar is whole body focused with the aim being better alignment and whole-body movement. Jo will also be leading some nutrition workshops.


If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old.  If at 60 you are supple and strong, you are young”  Joseph Pilates

Join Jo Richards for an empowering Polestar Pilates session focused on improving whole-body integration for better movement, flexibility and alignment.  Using imagery, breath and functional movement, Jo will help you leave feeling lengthened and energised – a win win! 



“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph Pilates

During these classes, Jo leads you through mindful movements ​so you  work smarter not harder. She will show you how a few exercises done with good technique will have a longer lasting benefit to your body.  Pilates is an inspiring way to alleviate health issues caused by our ​ sedentary lifestyles.  Depart feeling calm, centred and balanced.



“Breathing is the first act of life and the last” Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates believed that everything started with breath and that this was the single most important part of his exercise technique.

These ‘short but sweet’ sessions will help correct your breathing that in turn helps to detoxify the body and de-stress the mind.

To find out more about our #KarmaWellnessWeek and to see Jo Richards class schedule visit https://karmagroup.com/karma-wellness-week/

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