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Discover romantic Scilly, a paradise island escape right here in Cornwall.

Imagine walking hand in hand along a deserted white sand beach, the sun catching the tiny pieces of silver and diamonds the sand leaves shimmering on your toes. As you gaze out across the cobalt blue ocean with pure white clouds dotted against an azure blue sky you could be forgiven for thinking you were in far-off climes. But you’d be wrong. This stunning island paradise lies just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. The Isles of Scilly are an uncrowded and uspoilt archipelago with just five main inhabited islands nestled amongst more than hundred rocky islets.

If your dream wedding and honeymoon is one of pure escapism then you can’t get a more magical destination than Scilly for your ceremony or honeymoon, or indeed both! With such short travel times and no need for additional visas or special licences you can share your day to remember in the company of family and friends. Having visited Scilly since a young girl my love affair with the islands started and finished with St Martin’s. For me, this is the most magical of the five. As you approach on the motor launch that brings you across from St Mary’s you are greeted with a breathtaking stretch of sand, with cool, clear water gentle lapping at the edge. This is just one of many stretches of beach on St Martin’s – all have their individual character and each reveals a new gorgeous vista out across the water.

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