Why Karma Bavaria should be your next ski destination...

Type 'European Ski Destination' into Google and articles promoting Germany are nowhere to be found. However Germany's best kept secret; the breathtaking Bavarian Alps are without a doubt, one of the world's premier winter sports destinations. And here's why... Snow tends to fall December - March annually, and we recommend checking the weather report below!

Tradition. Snow covered 'gingerbread' style houses and chalets replace high rise developments in Bavaria; each with its own distinct charm reminiscent of Bavaria's unique character and traditions. Feel part of the family as you are welcomed by a friendly local, then sit by with a steaming glass of mulled wine and marvel in the awe-inspiring panoramic views, visible from the gemütlich (cosy) alpine-style hotels.

No Queues. Queuing for hours on end is commonplace in some of Europe's most renowned skiing destinations, often overshadowing the experience altogether. Not in Germany. Here, there are virtually no queues, meaning you can enjoy the adrenaline rush that this thrilling winter sport brings without having to wait around .... not yet, anyway.

Value for Money. A day ski pass in Germany is less than half the price of the more popular skiing destinations. For just 33 Euros, skiing is no longer a 'sport for the rich', with families now able to enjoy a European winter holiday with total peace of mind. Accommodation is astonishingly cheap too, with some great offers to be found.


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