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Enchanting wedding package Bali! Exchange your vows and sacred promises in nirvana!

Bali has always been considered a slice of heaven on Earth. Unique and beautiful. Being gifted with a natural decor that it’s both romantic and captivating makes it the flawless place for your wedding ceremony. Committing to the person you love is a magical moment that crowns that love in a sacred union. Finding the perfect wedding package Bali, that it’s about to make the moment that more special!

Look through our special wedding offers and pick the perfect one for you!

Karma is about soul. It’s about putting extra before ordinary. And it’s about you

This is where we come in! The gorgeous location of Karma Jimbaran, set peacefully inside the Jimbaran Bay, holds within its exclusive villas, all the splendor Bali has to offer. Your special day will be marked with spectacular vistas, exquisite cuisine and exotic, tropical vibes.

You deserve the beginning of your journey together as a married couple, to be in an enthralling place like this! Our staff is detail-oriented and experts in planning special events. You will collaborate with your own wedding planner, for each package that you choose, to fulfill your bride and groom wishes.   

Bali wedding packages to make your dreams come true

Karma Jimbaran resort has a longstanding tradition of organizing beautiful poolside and beachside weddings for couples that want to experience the magic of Bali. Below is the list of the Bali wedding packages that we offer: 

  • Lush Garden – Wedding Valley View
  • Karma Lounge – The Pool Wedding
  • Grand Residence Wedding
  • Sunset Beach Wedding

“Budi and his team – wedding planner, make up/hair, photographer and beach club staff ensured the wedding was a truly magical and amazing experience from start to finish – we really were treated like Royalty and the day was just a dream come true.

The staff were engaging and interested in making the whole experience as enjoyable as possible. We can’t thank the team enough for all the great memories we will be taking away from our wedding and honeymoon at Karma Jimbaran – this really has to be the best address in Bali, FANTASTIC!!” Holmes, UK on Trip Advisor

Inside the Lush Garden Wedding package, with a Valley View

The Lush Garden Wedding comes with a one-night stay in a poolside, three-bedroom villa in Karma Jimbaran and a standard wedding venue decoration. The luxurious villa spreads on 324m with a private pool, outstanding view from the top and sparkling wine waiting inside for an intimate celebration between newlyweds.

After being welcomed aboard, the bride and groom and their group of guests that can count from 2 to 30, are going to enter a flowery garden where the celebration is going to be held. Flower pedals stretching along the aisle, it is up to you to decide if you want a more classical version of roses or mysterious frangipani.

There will be an ornamental ring pillow made out of fresh flowers and to top it off, a flower shower, too. As we promised, it’s an exotic paradise with a view. The bride will receive a fresh bouquet and the groom a boutonniere. After the magic takes place, a commemorative certificate will be presented to the newlyweds. That’s not all; a 60-minute couple’s massage is part of the package, too!

Karma Lounge – by the pool wedding everyone will remember

You always dreamed of getting married by the pool, looking down on some vista-worthy scene, while the love of your life is standing next to you. There are flowers everywhere and smiles on people’s faces that melt your heart with love and your soul with joy. This is the wedding package Bali you are searching for, so search no more!

As a couple, you will be staying in a three-bedroom poolside villa that has all the commodities to start off your life together in luxury. Sparkling wine and a couple’s massage in the famous Karma Spa is part of the deal, so you will be cheerful and relaxed for your wedding. The ceremony is wrapped in flowers, roses or the local frangipani, which is up to you!

There will be a flowery ring, bouquet and boutonniere and flowers on the aisle, all fresh and smelling like paradise. It’ a smell of perfection you will remember forever and a commemorative certificate to go along with it. Your guests can count up to 50, and if you want a bit more sparkle, you can get a floating glass stage on the pool, too. Isn’t that something? Yes, it is!

Grand Residence Wedding — a deluxe wedding that melts the heart!

You, your soul mate and 30 of your closest family members and friends are headed for the celebration of a lifetime. Karma Group went beyond with this package, to make you feel like you’re part of a fairytale and being treated like royalty while staying at the Grand Residence in the Karma Jimbaran. The couple’s spa massage and sparkling wine just add to the glamour.

The standard venue decoration includes a decorative ring of flowers, aisle adornments, bouquet and boutonniere for the bride and groom, and a flower shower. These are all fresh and impeccable to make this picture-perfect for you and your loved ones. 

At the end of this grand ceremony, you get a commemorative certificate for your living room, stating that your beautiful experience of togetherness started in sultry bliss. 

Sunset Beach Wedding — the name says it all!

You have the location, at the beach, and the time, at sunset, which adds up to perfection. This is an exceptional experience, which combines a spa couple’s massage, sparkling wine with a one-night stay at a 324m three-bedroom villa that features a private pool.

The image stances as the couple of newlyweds and 30 of their closest people stroll down a beach with the suns last rays falling down on everyone’s faces.  They glimmer with the hope of a new union forming in front of their eyes. There are fresh flowers everywhere to make this unforgettable!

In this wedding package Bali, you will also get a commemorative certificate to take home alongside the stunning memories. A journey like yours should start in a utopia like this, a flowery dreamland worth more than you barged for.

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