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Bali Honeymoon: A lover’s agenda

In this section of the Bali guide, we will focus on the Bali honeymoon and all the interesting and fun activities you can do as a couple around the island. We included romantic restaurants, Balinese love traditions and exciting tours you can take with your significant other. Bali is the perfect getaway for couples; you will enjoy every day of your honeymoon in the Karma Kandara.

Book the honeymoon villa at the Karma Kandara for the best romantic experience!

The Karma Kandara is a high-class 5-star resort located on a clifftop in Uluwatu, and it is one of the most famous Karma Group resorts in Bali. On the grounds of the resort, you can find the most romantic spots in Uluwatu, from the award-winning di Mare restaurant to the famous Karma Beach bar and Temple Bar & Lounge. They all feature mouth-watering food and incredible vistas that will take your breath away, and our staff will make your stay more than comfortable.

The Bali Honeymoon Villas at The Karma Kandara

Booking the right accommodation is crucial for a successful holiday. Our Bali honeymoon villas are a personification of luxury and deluxe amenities. They are built in the traditional Balinese flair, featuring the open-space concept, but inside they are fully equipped with modern facilities and appliances. In each of the villas, you will find a semi-alfresco bathroom and a built-in SMEG kitchen.

The rooms are decorated with Balinese pieces of art and are painted in natural crème colours. Natural materials like stone, teakwood decks and ironwood tiles are part of the rustic charm of this fantastic accommodation. You and your partner will have complete privacy with the secluded tropical garden and the private pool in your backyard.

The ultimate Bali honeymoon package

If you choose the ultimate Bali honeymoon package at the Karma Kandara, you will start the day with a complimentary a la carte breakfast in your room or at the stunning clifftop restaurant. Moreover, you will end the day, with a Karma Sutra dinner. The di Mare restaurant features the most beautiful view of the ocean, and your dishes will be prepared with the utmost attention to the artistry of food.

The villa will be decorated with a full honeymoon setup, and we offer a complimentary airport transfer within the package. Also, one of the most intimate and fun activities a couple can do together is spa massages, which are also part of the deal. The Karma Spa & Sea Spa is the winner of the Luxury Spa Awards in 2015, and they will make your couples spa experience your favourite memory from the honeymoon.

We also included a list of romantic activities outside the resort, so you can spend your vacation discovering the starry-eyed side of Bali.

The Amora Bali Restaurant

The noun “amour” derives from the Latin language, but found its proper place throughout history in the Old French meaning “love, affection, friendship; loved one.” So, it is no surprise that a romantic love spot like the Amora Bali Restaurant would claim it as its name. Located in Kintamani, few hundred feet above the street, this cloud restaurant will give you one of the best views of Mount Batur.

Sessional ingredients dictate the menu, so your food choice is depended on the local harvest. However, the chefs emphasise the quality of produce and authentic Balinese flavours when they prepare the cuisine. You and your loved one can enjoy a tasty meal, a few cocktails and the spectacular panorama of this romantic restaurant.

The amorousness of this place with the volcanic and lake vistas can be the perfect beginning to your Bali honeymoon. You will be looking upon nature, almost touching the clouds. This restaurant is an excellent place to celebrate your love. The Amora features a photo op spot, with a big red heart for creating the ideal honeymoon postcard.

A private romantic photography session

If you and your partner love taking pictures, then Bali is one of the most romantic and impressive backdrops you can find. Hire a professional photographer for a private, dreamy session and feel like movie stars posing amidst the vibrant Balinese landscapes. Your possibilities for backgrounds are almost endless. From the white sand beaches to the mystical temples or ancient ruins, you will end up with high-quality, amazing photographs.

When you decide on a photographer, check with him about the spots you would like to cover for the photo shoot. He might give you a few interesting and beneficial ideas about beautiful natural settings. You might also want to pay attention to the make-up and clothing choices available. The Karma Kandara Spa staff can take care of that for you. Likewise, you should have in mind how the incredible vistas of the resort would be perfect for this photo session.

Utilizing professional photography guidelines is vital for high-quality images. Proper lighting conditions result in the most photogenic pictures. However, you should try out a few poses and have fun with your partner, because this photo shoot is all about you and your love for each other.

Commemorating the special moments of your honeymoon in Bali is more than worth it. When the private session ends, you will be presented with the pictures. You can spend a lovely lunch deciding which one should go on the wall of your home.

A sunrise at the volcano

There is nothing more romantic than spending quality time with your soulmate, looking at the incredible nature around you and waiting for the sunrise. If this sounds appealing to you and your partner, then you should book a Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour with some of the local guides. If you ask the staff at the Karma Kandara, they will offer you some useful tips about choosing the right agency. The price for these types of tours is usually around $60 per person.

Mount Batur is one of the most beautiful sites in all of Indonesia, featuring a spectacular volcano surrounded by a crater lake and bubbly hot springs. The beauty is all around you, from the awe-inspiring vistas to the secret temples, you will breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy. This experience can turn into the most enchanting memory of your Bali honeymoon.

Mount Batur is a holy site for the Balinese people, and according to the legends, they consider it to be one of the homes of the gods. Lake Batur, on the other hand, is revered by farmers and priests as the ultimate source of springs and rivers in Bali. Before you decide on the tour, you should be aware that this is climb 1717 meters above sea level and would require some physical fitness. However, there are some stops along the way, so you will not have to climb to the top to enjoy the sunrise.

There are also a few more delights waiting for you in the area. You could stop and see the grand plantations around the mountain and try local herbs from the stores. The Balinese even offer hot drinks and fried bananas while you are waiting for the sunrise. If you are a coffee lover, you will relish in the sample of the Coffee Luwak, the most expensive cup of coffee in the world.

Release a lantern: Love tradition

It is considered good luck to release lanterns in Bali, where you make a wish with your partner, and you set the lantern free into the air. All your worries and troubles will fly away with it. The offering of lanterns symbolises wisdom; their light will guide you to the right path to follow in life and love.

Bali is also famous for hosting light festivals during the year, where various shapes of lanterns are displayed, and people come together to wish upon theirs. You can have a private and romantic ceremony of releasing lanterns with your soulmate, where your positive thoughts and prayers are sent out into the air.

The Git Git Waterfall

The Git Git Waterfall is a famous tourist destination in North Bali, which would be the ideal choice for new couples. It is a 35-metre cascade, which falls into a picturesque rock-strewn pool. If you and your partner are visiting Bali on a hot summer day, this refreshing waterfall and the cool mist coming from the water will be more than pleasant.

Your first impression will be captivating; the nature is gorgeous, vibrant and full of colours, and the pool is available for swimming. There are change rooms and toilets around you can use for 2,000 rupiahs per person. If you want to purchase hand-made souvenirs, there are a few local shops nearby that offer them.

After you see the first twin waterfalls, you can continue the tour to see the other two, all of which are different in size and shape. This beautiful romantic spot should be on your Bali honeymoon list.

Book a honeymoon package at the Karma Kandara and start enjoying Bali!

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