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Romantic things to do in Bali: The “Cupid’s Love Nest” Island

If you were wondering about all the romantic things to do in Bali on holiday with your soulmate, don’t worry, we prepared a list of things you might enjoy. We included a little bit of everything for everyone’s taste, so we are sure you will find something dreamy to do.

The first step is to find the perfect romantic island getaway, and that would be the Karma Reef resort in Gili Meno. It’s a comfortable, yet serene spot intended for couples that want to experience true intimacy.

Book a luxurious villa or a cool, trendy tent at the Karma Reef!

At the Karma Reef resort, part of the popular lifestyle brand, the Karma Group, you will get elite access to a private, secluded beach. There, you and your partner can indulge in lavish spa treatments or delicious dishes and cocktails. The DJ nights will bring out the fun side of your romantic escape, and the starlight evenings will make you fall in love even more.

You can choose between a two-story one bedroom bungalow and luxury villas and tents. The cottages feature a majestic view of the ocean and are equipped with all the high-end amenities from a king-size bed to an outdoor shower. The villas and tents have a bit more avant-garde extravagance to them, set in nature yet luxurious, providing you with every comfort. They are beach-front with private balconies and en-suite rain-showers.

French fine dining Bali at Metis

The list of restaurants for fine dining, Bali can offer to couples in enormous. The traditional romantic concept of a dinner at a luxurious restaurant is forever going to be one of the most elegant gestures you can make to surprise your partner. In that spirit of romance and love, we recommend the fashionable and chic French restaurant in Seminyak, the Metis. You can find this unique spot on the Jalan Petitenget road in Kerobokan.

The Metis is different, and not only because of the delicious French cuisine. When you enter inside, you will also find a gallery and a boutique which will awake your senses. The ambience of the place is dreamy, warm and lavish.

Your dishes are prepared by the experienced and talented hands of the chef-owner Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville. He combines the classic French flavours with the Mediterranean spices, making art out of fresh ingredients.

The Metis is an award-winning restaurant, ranked as one of the best 20 restaurants in Asia by the Miele Guide Best of Asia in 2013, and is also a recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2013. If you want a genuinely sensory experience with your partner, consider booking a table here. The gallery is a bonus for art lovers, and it features a red-lacquered bronze statue of Marylin Monroe and much more.

Romantic dinner Bali package at the Karma Reef

While you are staying at the Karma Reef, you should take advantage of the romantic dinner Bali offer for two, featured at the resort. Everything will be specifically personalised to match the romance in the air. You and your partner will love the open-air setting and enchanting dishes prepared for you. Our chefs combine the Mediterranean cuisine with the fresh ingredients and seafood available on the island.

After that, you can head to the beach bar and enjoy some of the signature cocktails made to perfection by our bartenders. The Gili Meno island has everything you need for a romantic getaway, from sea-kayaking to diving or snorkelling. Moreover, the Karma Reef offers some of the most luxurious spa massages right on the beach.

However, we still included some other romantic activities around Bali you can try out with your partner if you are in the mood to explore.

The hot springs pleasure trip

There is nothing more reviving and rejuvenating than spending a couple of hours in warm water, hugging your significant other and enjoying nature. The hot springs will relax you, ease any muscle soars you might have and soothe your skin. The intimacy deriving from this will make the hot springs bath one of the most romantic things to do in Bali.

The Angseri hot springs – are located in Tabanan. Set amidst vivid green rice paddies and cheerful spring streams, they are a real representation of a charming and romantic setting. When you arrive, you can head out to the public bathing area, once used as a traditional bathhouse. For a price of Rp. 30 000, you will get two open pools, but for intimacy, you might want to pay additional Rp. 10 000 to rent a private cabin for you and your partner for 30 minutes.

The Tabanan hot springs – are located on the Yeh Panas river in Tabanan. The pool area features one big pool at the edge of the river and smaller pools up in the terrace in the hills. The entrance price for the public pool is Rp. 50 000 and Rp. 100 000 for the private pools.

Banjar hot springs – are located in the jungle close to the Lovina beach. If you and your partner enjoy a tropical scenery, then these public pools are the right choice for your romantic visit. The price is Rp. 5 000 per person.

Tirta Empul – is not only a spring but also a holy temple in the village of Manukaya. The name Tirta Empul means “holy water spring,” and it is the name of the water source located in the temple. If you are a spiritual person, then this is the place to see. The local legends say that the water has magical healing properties.

Toya Devasya – is located in the Kintamani village and is the embodiment of a deluxe experience. The springs are set inside the Toya Devasya resort amidst lush green gardens. The entry fee is Rp. 150 000 for adults and Rp. 100 000 for kids.

The Mount Batur’s volcanic scenery

Even if you or your partner are not fond of hikes, Mount Batur should still find a place on your list. It is not only a romantic and bonding experience, but it is also breathtaking and inspiring to see the volcanic scenery and the vibrant nature. The sights of Lake Batur are nothing short of mesmerising. If you like taking pictures, then this is the perfect place for you and your soulmate to make more than a few shots.

You can do the hike with or without a guide, just as long as the weather conditions are suitable for a climb. The Mount Batur volcano hike is roughly about five kilometres in a roundtrip. The views along the road are stunning. When you reach the top, local Balinese people will sell you coffee, friend banana sandwiches, alog with other hot beverages. You can sit down, eat and enjoy the backdrop.

On your way down into the village, you will get the sensation of walking on clouds. The Mount Batur tour is one of the favourites among travellers and couples. It will be worth your time and money (if you decide on a guide), and it is one of the ways to truly experience Bali with a partner.

Horseback riding in Tegalalang

A fun couple’s activity to try out in Bali is horseback riding in the beautiful countryside around the Tegalalang village. You will come across terraced rice fields, palm trees and a bamboo forest. Every step on this lovely tour is an opportunity for a postcard picture.

You can book a private session for you and your partner, and turn this into the ultimate romantic day trip. You can even try a fresh young coconut in the Pura Dalem temple near the village, if you make a stop there on your ride. The price per person is around $70.

The Bedugul Botanical Gardens

The Bedugul Botanical Gardens have a rich historical significance behind them and are a must-see attraction for every couple that loves nature. This is the first garden of this magnitude in Indonesia, established entirely by its people in 1959, and the first one to be opened after the Indonesian independence. Made according to the vision of Prof. Dr Kusnoto Setiodiwiriyo, the garden now covers over 154.5 hectares of land in the peaks of Tapak hill, Candikuning village.

Today, they feature over 1500 species from over 320 genera and 155 families inside the gates of this incredible human-made wonder of nature. When you stroll through the vast spaces filled with flowers and blossoms that intoxicate you, you will find even more than what you anticipated. Inside the gardens, they have a herbarium, a library, glasshouses, a nursery and a plants registration database.

From the orchid park to the rose park, pick a day with your partner and enjoy this incredible, unique gardens. There is something about nature that brings out the romance in everyone. This is one of the top picks for romantic things to do in Bali.

Make a reservation at the Karma Reef and start a romantic vacation with your partner!

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