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Day Spa Bali: Pamper your mind, body and soul

Vacationing in Bali is one of the ways to escape everyday worries and stresses, to relax and transcend into a world of green rice fields and exceptional cuisine. Another way to enhance this experience is by booking a day spa. Bali has some of the most renowned resorts in the area and visiting any of them will make your holiday a whole lot better. A proper spa treatment will improve your overall wellbeing and your state of mind.

Book a spa treatment at the Karma Spa for the ultimate relaxation and unwinding of your muscles!

Why should you book a spa treatment? First and foremost, to disengage from your work, family, friends and any other distraction in life and focus only on the self. Your inner peace and balance are where your strength and happiness come from, so choose to relax and let your mind wander. During the treatment, you will slow down and rest, allowing your body the time to unwind and regenerate.

Spa massages increase the blood flow through the body sending more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Your lymphatic system is stimulated by the gentle pressure on the muscles, making your body proactive in realising toxins. Hormones like serotonin and oxytocin are produced because of the safe and relaxed atmosphere, and any chronic pain is decreased. If you have constant problems with arthritis or spine issues that bother you, a day at the spa is warmly recommended.

If you opt for an exfoliating treatment, your skin will regain glow and softness. The granules used in most exfoliating scrubs kick start cells regeneration and polish the pores, leaving you with a feeling of smoothness. Water and heat treatments stimulate the body in different ways to promote blood circulation and decrease the blood pressure. Body wraps rich in natural vitamins and minerals heal and rejuvenate your skin.

Activities to do in Bali: Book a session at the Karma Spa

One of the most gratifying activities to do in Bali is to book a spa day. When you are staying at a Karma Group resort, you can reserve a session at one of the best luxury day spas in Bali, the Karma Spa. It is an award-winning spa concentrated on providing you with a lavish experience, where you will completely let go of everyday problems and relax. Asian practices inspire the offered treatments.

The signature treatment is the Karma Rytham Massage, perfected by the Indonesian expert Joko tri Li, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. that implemented his knowledge of the human body into the moves. By finding the right pressure points, the masseuse will boost the blood flow to your body, relieving you from stress and pain in the muscles.

Body rituals, detox and cleanse treatments, facials, scrubs and much more is offered at the Karma Spa. From the traditional Balinese therapies, the famous ones include massages with warm local herbs, river stones and jade stones. The most important thing is that only natural and organic products are used for the treatments. They are prepared in small batches from local herbs and plants. The Karma Boutique offers some of these items for sale.

The team of masseuses, therapists and counsellors offer insight in their respected fields. Each of them has been qualified at reiki healing and certified for the job. The most prominent bonus apart from the apparent benefits of the Karma Spa is the scenery. Located on a clifftop with an ocean panorama or right on the beachfront, every time you will have a fantastic spa experience with a view.

Special programs for mothers-to-be and men are listed in the Karma Spa menu. This luxurious area provides fitness and yoga classes as part of the wellness packages and experiences. Karma Spas have been awarded Best Spa Winner, Yak Awards; Winner, World Luxury Spa Awards; and Winner Luxury Spa Hotel, World Travel Awards. You can book a treatment at Karma Kandara, Karma Jimbaran or Karma Reef.

Best places in Bali for a spa day: The Thermes Marins Bali Spa (Spa on the Rocks)

Among the best places in Bali for a spa treatment is the Thermes Marins Bali Spa, or more commonly known as the Spa on the Rocks. Voted the world’s best spa, by Conde Nast Traveler readers, it features a wellness experience with a spectacular view. This spa is part of the Ayana resort in Jimbaran Bay in Bali. They offer four signature spa treatments, AYANA Fusion, Lava Stone Reflexology, 7 Chakra Dhara and Hot Shell Massage.

This spa is exceptional, because of the dramatic location of the spa villas. Each of the villas, as the name implies, is located on a rock, and the ocean surrounds it from three sides. The architecture blends perfectly in the scenery, and the villas are made from original Indonesian “merbau” wood. The roofs are customary Balinese “alang alang,” and the natural shapes of the rocks enrich the interior design.

You will hear the sound of the waves while you relax and the ocean breeze will caress your skin. The scent of the salted water and infused oils will lull you into a peaceful and serene state of mind. A note of importance, the spa only features two of these villas so you will have to book them in advance and have the weather conditions in mind.

The Prana Spa

The Prana Spa is located in Seminyak and is one of the largest spas in Bali. The accent is put on the Indian and Middle Eastern opulence. You can see the inspiration everywhere, from the architecture to the treatments they offer. The primary mission of the spa is to indulge you in luxury by presenting you with ancient rituals used by kings and queens in their beauty practices.

You will receive royal treatment at this day spa. Bali’s major health centre draws motivation from the Moguls of Rajasthan. You will see traces of Moroccan elegance in the tainted ceilings and the hand-painted canvases in the private spa rooms. Their therapists are professionally trained to unwind your body and relax your mind.

At the Prana Spa, they offer special packages and private suites. Their signature treatments include Ayurvedic practices and unique beauty treatments. If you love water therapy, you will enjoy the milk baths and herbal flower baths they offer at the spa.

The Acqua Perla Spa

The Acqua Perla Spa is located in Seminyak, featuring luxury and elegant spa rooms and indulging treatments. Motivated by the surfing beach in front of the spa, the whole design of the interior reminds of the seamless motion of the waves and the pearly sand beach. The Acqua Perla Spa offers a sanctuary from the busy streets of Seminyak, where you can relax, unwind and gather your thoughts while enjoying a message.

The ambience is very serene and peaceful, making you feel like you entered a modern and fashionable temple. You can recognise the wellness atmosphere in every little detail of the design. The staff will assist you in finding the perfect treatment for you. The goal is for you to discover what works for your wellbeing and rejuvenation.

The Acqua Perla Spa provides the following facilities:

• Hammam (Turkish Bath)
• Gym
• Yoga and Pilates
• Recovery Lounge and Resonance Chamber
• Consultation Dome

One of their signature wellness treatments is Chakra Balancing. They start the therapy with foot cleansing and a relaxing Balinese Microcosm massage. After the purge, seven discs are placed in the proper spots of the body to stimulate and balance your chakras.

The Anantara Spa

You can find the Anantara Spa in Seminyak and Uluwatu. As part of the resort, the Anantara Spa provides you with a soothing experience that will pamper you, rejuvenate your skin and revitalise your spirit. All of that will be done in beautiful, natural surroundings. The wellness journey you would not want to miss starts with a Balinese massage or relaxing body treatment, body scrubs, aromatherapy and beauty enhancing facials offered at the spa menu of the Anantara Spa.

Every treatment is created with insight and indulgence in mind. The primary goal of the spa is to promote your sense of balance and tranquillity. The trained professionals will help you relax and unwind during the massages. The best feature about this spa is that they can offer you a custom-tailored package that will uniquely fit your requirements and wishes.

They use elixirs and oils made with fresh native ingredients from Indonesia for their treatments. The products are nutrient-rich and sumptuously scented. Some of the plants used are mandarin, lemongrass, yoghurt, ginger, powdered spices, sandalwood, cinnamon, lavender, coffee beans, natural volcanic pumice, sweet woods and more.

The spa features the following facilities:

• Two single rooms with terrazzo shower and wash basin
• Two couples rooms with terrazzo shower and wash basin
• Signature spa amenities

The Anantara signature massage combines different oils with particular movements to stimulate the blood circulation and the flow of prana (life energy). They offer a complimentary floral foot ritual as part of the package, as this day spa. Bali is a wellness centre where you can enjoy the benefits of luxury wellness.

Make a reservation at the Karma Spa and try the signature massage!

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