Finding Bali Day Retreats and Bali Spas.

Finding Bali Day Retreats and Bali Spas.

Bali Day Retreats and Bali Spas

WELLNESS TRENDS: Bali Day Retreats are an emerging trend at luxury resorts and spas in Bali.  

Bali has long been regarded as the spa capitol of the world and with good reason. The small Hindu island is home to some of the oldest healing traditions in the world inclusive of massage, healers, full moon bathing rituals, and more. Not to mention that the Balinese lifestyle practices of daily offerings temple visits and ceremonies provide great inspiration for spa treatments.  As well, Bali’s history of cultural influences from China, India and beyond have brought incredible disciplines such as Ayurveda, Malaysian and Chinese medicine that have also been integrated into Bali spa life in subtle ways.  

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), wellness is now one of the fastest growth industries in the world and is growing faster than the overall travel industry itself including culinary and adventure travel – how inspiring! There are two types of wellness travelers – primary (those who travel specifically to a retreat to improve their health and wellbeing) and secondary (those who add on wellness during their travels such as attending yoga classes or eating a healthy restaurants).  

Which brings us back to Bali spa life. An emerging trend on this beautiful island is full and half day retreats at luxury resorts that are also available to outside guests.  This means that even if you are on a more indulgent holiday with family and friends, there is bound to be a resort nearby offering a full day wellness immersions where you can escape for some well-deserved luxury me-time for the day.   

The choices are bountiful.  Whether you’re looking to learn or do more yoga, become more mindful, or simply up your dose of glow, a day retreat can be the perfect way to rejuvenate and get back to balance.

 Even a half day unwind can do wonders for the soul. Not only do treatments like massage have incredible physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure, taking quality time to decompress is mentally and emotionally balancing. 

In a nutshell, the best spas in Bali no longer only offer one or two-hour treatments but an entire day of wellness immersions.  From mountain spas to beach-chic island spa safaris and ocean flow yoga, Karma Spas offer an inspiring collection of day spa packages to enhance your stay. 

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