Five Minutes With Karma Kandara’s Culinary Creative Joseph Antonishek

Five Minutes With Karma Kandara’s Culinary Creative Joseph Antonishek

An alumni of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Joseph Antonishek has honed his skills alongside some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. Now he’s sharing his world class cuisine at Karma Kandara and tapping into local and regional culinary traditions while he does it…here’s a glimpse of what makes him tick.

Culinary Inspirations?

Bobby Flay: Taught me food is like a colour wheel. If you mix four primary colours together you get brown aka bland. Too many flavors or textures on one plate, the palate gets lost. Be bold-be precise.

Jean George Vongerichten: undoubtedly the highest rated two Michelin stars, clean simple and elegant food. At the time nobody else was delivering globally on the scale Jean Georges was – and still is.

Anthony Bourdain- had the best job in the world and approached his show in a matter of fact way. True to the soul of a chef.

Dish of the Moment at di Mare?

Currently on the diMare menu would either be Roasted Duck Breast with Dragon Fruit Gastrique, or Grilled Octopus with Petai Braised in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Citrus and Chilli.

Coming up I am excited to introduce “Foie Gras Martabak” . next-levelling Indonesian street food to a five star experience. Pan-seared Foie Gras over Crispy Martabak filled with Duck-leg Confit, Quail Egg, Ricotta & Kale. accompanied with Mango Ginger Gastrique.

Favorite Bali Street Food Spots?

This is a tough one… It all depends on what I am craving and I can show you, but not tell you how to get there. Only because there are no street signs with names here!

Molecular or Farm to Table?

Neither. We take the simplicity of farm to table & a local approach and enhance it with basic molecular techniques, but don’t get to crazy with it. We use soy lecithin and agar-agar, an ingredient that has been used in Indoneisan cuisine since time immemorial. We use the freshest ingredients at the height of their flavor. There is no reason to stray too far from what’s already so perfect.

Cooking Style in three words?

Clean, fresh, innovative.

What makes a perfect meal?

Whomever you are sharing it with! My Javanese girlfriend and I have dined in most of the best restaurants in Bali. We have had amazing experiences at all of them. She has also turned me on to roadside warungs, street food and off the grid places where the flavors of the local regional cuisines have been inspiring and influencing my own cuisine.

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