Gong Master Vanessa Holliday’s Sound Healing

Gong Master Vanessa Holliday’s Sound Healing

Sound healing is now believed to be one of the powerful therapies for releasing tension, reducing stress in the body and calming the mind. Could sound be the new massage? We chat to Gong Master Vanessa Holliday, about the power of sound therapy.

Music is one of the most uplifting vibrations that affects our mood and emotional wellbeing. When used for healing, sound is also thought to have a powerful and therapeutic impact on our health.

‘Sound healing is not new nor new age but in fact have been practiced for thousands of years,’ says Vanessa Holliday, a Sound Healer, Gong Master and Yoga Practitioner based in Bali.  She says there’s no doubt that sound will be medicine of the future.

Previously a DJ headlining big stages around the world including Kenya, Ibiza, India and London, Vanessa experienced a big personal shift in her life in 2016 which inspired her to explore the use of sound for healing.

‘Cultures all over the globe have used sound to treat illness, revitalize the body, and elevate the spirit. We simply have forgotten and we are now in a time to remembering. The future is now.’

At spas all over the world, sound as a therapy is booming! Inside treatment rooms, experience Tibetan sound bowls and crystal singing bowls before and after your massage.

The research is out there. Sound waves travel through air and fluids, and have the ability to penetrate the body at a cellular level. When used for healing, sound can help reduce stress, balance the mind, reduce insomnia and other modern diseases.

The beauty of sound for healing is that it can be accessed anywhere and practiced from just about everywhere so is the ultimate self-care ritual. You don’t need to do any type of movement practice either  –  simply through relaxing, healing sounds provide deep restoration to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.



Recently, we hosted Vanessa Holliday at our Gili Meno Resort for yoga and seaside soothing sound bath. Her powerful sounds are a blend of chanting with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Native American Flute, Gongs and Drums. Look out for future Sound Gong Baths at Karma…


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