Jimbaran: Bali’s most treasured bay

Jimbaran: Bali’s most treasured bay

Jimbaran Bay is one of Bali’s most celebrated destinations – offering the preserve of high end resorts and designer villas. Best of all, this outstanding natural attraction plays host to a close knit local community, all of whom are intent on keeping their unique and fascinating culture intact.

With a stretch of undisturbed coastline abundant with secluded beaches, it’s certainly not difficult to spend days on end lying on the soft white sands that fringe Jimbaran Bay. An alluring turquoise ocean and an abundant tropical plant life perfectly compliment this beautiful seascape, combining to create a truly remote island experience.

Moreover, Jimbaran Bay is renowned nation-wide (if not, worldwide) for its breathtaking sunsets, commonly enjoyed alongside a refreshing cocktail or seafood platter, found predominantly at Jimbaran Bay’s elegant bars and seafood restaurants.

Jimbaran restaurants

An early morning visit to the bustling Jimbaran fish market is a Jimbaran Bay must, where local chefs and restaurant owners make up a large portion of the customers. (TIP: Make sure you arrive bright and early for the morning’s fresh catch). After stocking up on some of the world’s freshest seafood, a visit to Uluwatu Temple is essential.

This spiritual pillar is ideally perched on a cliff overlooking the breathtaking Indian Ocean, approximately 70 meters above sea level. Here, visitors will be able to soak up those famous sunsets, or even catch a Kecak dance performance.

Karma Jimbaran Exterior
At the heart of this enchanting Balinese destination lies a stunning boutique property of 38 luxury villas, spilling down a gentle slope amidst vibrant tropical gardens. Karma Jimbaran Bay boasts total opulence amid one of the world’s most incredible natural landscapes.

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