Oktoberfest: The Munich beer celebration that attracts millions

Oktoberfest: The Munich beer celebration that attracts millions

More than six million people are projected to converge on the historic city of Munich in Bavaria, one of Germany’s most picturesque regions, to celebrate the world famous Oktoberfest that runs from today to the 3rd of October.

The region is the heartland of a long standing cultural tradition in many ways unique from the rest of Germany – from its hearty rural cuisine (think Weisswurst sausages and Knödel dumplings) to its centuries old folk music to its iconic costumes (Lederhosen trousers for the men and Dirndl dresses for the women).

And then of course there is the beer, one of the things for which Munich is famed around the world.

Visitors will be able to choose between 14 big tents and many more smaller ones, all offering good food and fun parties.

According to officials and in the light of recent events, Munich security experts have reevaluated and updated the safety concept for this year’s festivities. A security fence will be introduced and backpacks and big bags will be prohibited.

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Written by Wirka Wayan

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