Karma Resorts Debuts a Game-Changing Green Project

Karma Resorts Debuts a Game-Changing Green Project

It’s the dawn of a new eco-friendly age for the luxury resort group

If you plan to visit Bali, you will be happy to know it just got a little greener.

Karma Group already boasts a reputation as one of the best accommodation options on the island of Bali, but shortly it will be as eco-friendly as it is luxurious. Karma has just announced the launch of a major green project, with a plan to roll out a strengthening focus on sustainability throughout its bevy of different resorts.

Karma is no stranger to being green, with its restaurants’ menus based around the use of seasonal ingredients, but the resort recently undertook a review of its sustainability initiatives and was disappointed by the excess number of plastic in use, from single-use plastic bags to individual bottles of water, shampoo and conditioner. In an effort to drastically reduce this number, the Karma team has unveiled an impressive plan to reduce the use of plastic across the resort group which will no doubt also effect the island of Bali.

With a goal to have 0% waste from plastic bottles, the new approach will see plastic water bottles banned from villas, with all bottles replaced by an Electrolux water gallon dispenser. Plastic one-time use toiletries will be replaced with recycled plastic bottles, and the likes of bamboo combs, earbuds, and toothbrushes will also be introduced. 100% organic and recyclable bags will also be introduced in order for Karma Group to reach their goal of decreasing the use of plastic bags by 355.40%

“Recycling plastic not only requires large amounts of energy but also uses large quantities of water,” explains Karma of the group’s new focus. “This is a primary environmental problem; the production process is a leading cause of carbon emissions contributing to global warming. Karma Kandara is so excited to be reducing the use of plastic and we hope you are excited too.”

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