Siren of the Sea

Keiko Uno

If the ocean could speak, what would it say?

Once its first powerful enchantment is cast, it holds us forever captive, the very embodiment of emotion. And yet, it often resists all of our attempts to define it with words.

Keiko Uno – a descendant of Japanese Samurai lords, who grew up on the beaches of Australia – has given the ocean a voice through her exquisite limited-edition jewellery creations. Each one of Keiko’s eloquent hand-crafted pieces tells a story. Recalls a potent memory or moment, inspired by the freedom, energy and timeless mystery of the sea. Take her splendidly-curvaceous “Coral” ring, part of her luxury Ocean Intrigue Collection.

For Keiko, the alluring 18 karat gold statement piece, which features diamonds with black rhodium, is a permanent reminder of both her surf-worshipping husband and Balagan Beach, an idyllic surfing spot on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, near Karma’s flagship resort Karma Kandara. ‘Nothing imprints a lasting radiant smile on my husband’s face like a great surf at Balangan,’ says Keiko. ‘When the swell is big, the spectators watch with reverence as a small number of courageous surfers take on four to five metre waves that break over shallow reef.’

The lofty, open metal work of “Coral” depicts Balangan’s uplifting and invigorating atmosphere, explains the talented Perth-based designer who has a double diploma in Gemology; while the diamond contours represent “the liquid lines carved by the surfers’ daring cut backs and re-entries”.

Similarly, Keiko channels her own oceanic imprints through her stunning pieces. “Breathe”, a solid 18 karat rose gold cuff bangle featuring black and white diamonds, is the gorgeous distillation of her memories of the excitement, mystery and hypnotic calm of night time SCUBA diving. ‘I find breathing underwater, whether swimming, snorkeling or SCUBA diving deeply meditative,’ says Keiko, who has also studied calligraphy, flower arrangement, abacus and dance in Japan. ‘The rhythmical deep breath is cleansing for both the mind and the body.’

Keiko’s much sought-after creations are the perfect cultural fusion of her exotic Japanese heritage (the mountain that bears her family’s name is known as a sacred place for gems), and the West Australia coastal childhood which imbued her with a youthful and liberated Australian spirit.

It was her grandmother, though, the wife of a senior Japanese statesmen, who first ignited Keiko’s innate passion for adornment. ‘One of my most vivid childhood recollections is of watching my grandmother get ready for state events,’ says Keiko. ‘I used to love watching her as she made her magical transition from my much-loved grandma to this exquisite, elegant, eye-catching lady of distinction.’ From her grandmother, Keiko learned that jewellery should not merely be something pleasurable to wear, but that it should also be seductive and emotive; turning the beautiful into the breathtaking and the glamorous into the glorious.

2016 has been a landmark year for Keiko. This year, she celebrates 25 years in jewellery and five years since the launch of her eponymous brand Keiko Uno Jewellery.


Before embarking on her own bespoke line, Keiko honed her design skills in Tokyo, New York and London. These days, she travels the world, personally hand-selecting the diverse palette of gemstones that bring her original creations to life (with the help of her select team of skilled artisans). Each piece can take months – even years – in the making. Subsequently, her range has now become an international byword for sophisticated and captivating wearable art that has frequently graced the pages of glossy publications such as Elle and In-Style, to name a few.

To her signature 18 karat gold Ocean Intrigue Collection, Keiko has now also added a sterling silver series called the Rockpool Collection, characterised by “sparkling, vibrant, colourful gemstones and luminescent romantic pearls set in playful waves of metal”. Choose from dreamy statement pendants such as “Coral Garden” (featuring blue chalcedony, blue sapphire and blue topaz), or her “Spirit of the Sea” line, set with Australian doublet opal, fresh water pearl, amethyst, blue topaz and peridot.


Discover the poetic designs of Keiko Uno for yourself at our boutiques at Karma Kandara in Bali’s lush Bukit Peninsula, and at Karma Rottnest, an island prized for its cinematic white sand beaches in Australia’s South West, the spiritual home of Keiko Uno Jewellery.

Take the sea home with you … with Keiko Uno Jewellery and Karma.

Fall under the spell of Keiko Uno’s designs by visiting her online at: Keiko Uno Jewellery and book your next ocean-front stay at Karma Rottnest or Karma Kandara.

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