10 Reasons Why Karma St. Martin’s is Your Dog’s Best Friend

Dog’s Best Friend

Dog lovers know the feeling all too well!!

You’re busily packing for a much-anticipated getaway; fizzing with excitement about new pastures and adventures (and a respite from 6am alarms!). Except there’s a pair of big sad eyes right by your suitcase asking where you’re going. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right to leave a beloved family member behind while you enjoy all the benefits of a well-earned rest.

In the past, taking your dog away with you on holiday often meant being cooped up together in a lacklustre caravan park or bare-boned B&B.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth at Karma St. Martin’s, a stunning holistic hideaway by the sea in Cornwall’s heaven-sent Isles of Scilly. That’s because Karma St. Martin’s is one of the new purebreed of luxury hotels that goes the extra distance to make your four-legged friend feel every bit as welcome as you are. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that we’re Leader of the Pack!

Even our island itself – home to magnificent coastal pathways, quiet country lanes and dreamy white beaches – is shaped rather like a dog’s bone (with its two distinct wide ends and narrow curved middle!).

At Karma St. Martin’s, around one third of our guests bring their dogs to stay with them at our hospitable hamlet of coastal cottages. Since opening in July 2014, we have quickly established ourselves as the region’s premier pet-loving destination because we absolutely understand that a happy canine clientele means happier holidays for their devoted humans!

We’ve been voted among the Top 10 Dog Friendly Hotels in the UK.

Now, we’re even more delighted to be up for another prestigious award. This time, for Dog Friendly Business of the Year at the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2016-17, to be judged on November 3. To Read more, please visit Cornwall Tourism Awards.

As one of our happy guests recently declared, at Karma St. Martin’s, “nothing was too much trouble for us and our dogs”.


Here’s 10 ways that we roll out the red carpet for dogs at Karma St. Martin’s:

* Our 4-legged guests are immediately welcomed with a VIP (Very Important Pet) registration form, a welcome treat, bowls, and blankets;

* You can spoil them with tempting treats from our canine-friendly menu – (Posh Dog’s Crunch or Royal Dog’s Dinner anyone?) – prepared by “Karma’s Kanine Kitchen”;

* Our pet-loving team can provide dog-sitting services whilst their human companions enjoy a nourishing therapy at our soulful Karma spa or befriend the local seal colony on a snorkeling trip;

* ‘Walkies’ are an intrinsic part of any stay at Karma St. Martin’s; perfectly appointed as we are on 2.8 hectares of sloping terrain in an area of remarkable natural beauty with dramatic views over sugar-spun sands and the Tean Sound;

* Let him make a splash at one of the several dog-friendly beaches just a ball’s throw away from the hotel, including Karma’s own private beach. (Unlike the main beaches on St. Mary’s, our beaches are dog-friendly all year round);

* Give him the exhilarating freedom of being off-leash. St. Martin’s absence of major roads and noisy cars means neither of you need worry about traffic disturbing your peace and safety as you amble freely around the island;

* Enjoy an Access All Areas Pass. Pampered pooches accustomed to living in the lap of luxury can rest easy knowing that they may accompany their human into the resort’s sumptuous guestrooms, restaurant and wine bar;

* Our knowledgeable Front Office team guides our guests on the best transport options when travelling with a pet, be it by land, sea or air. We will also check availability of the RSPCA-approved animal boxes on our local Skybus aeroplanes;

* While other hotels claiming to be pet-friendly hit you with extra charges, our preferred pet-friendly partner ‘Pets Pyjamas’ offers our guests and their dogs holidays at Karma St. Martin’s with no ‘pet supplement charge’;

* Finally, for peace of mind, there is also a caring vet support group on the Isles of Scilly, and a brand new surgery and operating theatre built with the help of local fundraisers.


Our exciting Cornwall Tourism Awards nomination aside, we’re also proud as punch to be part of the sweeping global trend that recognises the proven health benefits of “Dog Comes Too” holidays.

Top reasons why smart people pack their pets too:

Less Stress
People who hang out with their pets tend to have a lower stress level by the end of the day. Interacting with your dog lowers the levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone that can lead to high cholesterol levels, hypertension and depression.

Positive Vibes
A New Scientist Magazine study found that humans who interacted with their pets for only a few minutes a day saw dramatic increases in hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin – chemicals associated with happiness and well-being.

Lower Blood Pressure & Get Active
Having your pet close by can reduce your blood pressure, in addition to decreasing loneliness, lowering cholesterol levels and encouraging physical activity. Dog owners regularly devote time to walking and actively caring for their animals.

Better Social Life
Pets are fantastic conversation-starters and otherwise shy people can become more engaged when talking to potential new holiday friends about their pets.

So, why not join the growing legion of canny dog owners who are taking their best friend away on holiday and book your next pooch perfect stay at Karma St. Martin’s. With our majestic natural setting, our brilliant creature comforts and pet perks, we’ll have both of you feeling like Top Dog.

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Written by ioanna kotsani

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