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A Hidden Treasure within the Gili Islands — Karma Group’s, Gili Meno Resort 

The Gili Islands are known for a lot of things; beautiful beaches, eclectic nightlife and world-renowned snorkeling are a few of those things. Arguably the most tranquil of the Gilis is Gili Meno. The island is home to Karma Reef, a Karma Group and luxurious Gili Meno resort.

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Reserve Yourself a Little Slice of Heaven — A Room at a Gili Meno Resort 

 The Gili Islands are a paradise of three small tropical oases within Indonesia’s vast archipelago of islands. Each known for their own unique qualities, all three Gilis are void of traffic; no motorbikes or cars are allowed on any of the Gilis, so only the sounds of bicycle bells and the occasional rhythm of horse’s hooves from a horse-drawn carriage pass by as you commute through the dirt roads.

 Gili Trawangan is known as the party island; clubs and bars line the main street of the area, and music floods the air almost all hours of the night. You can even hear the music from Gili on some of the neighboring islands. If you’re looking to spend your days drinking by night and relaxing in the pool or dancing on a boat by day, Gili Trawangan is the island for you.

 Gili Air is the smallest of the islands; the perimeter of the island can actually be walked in under one hour. The island has a relaxed, Rastafarian atmosphere with beach bars full of bean bags lining the sand and reggae music abundant throughout. There are a lot of hidden gems on Gili Air, such as small restaurants amidst thick groves of mangrove trees and swings that dangle over the water. Diving and snorkeling with turtles is popular on Gili Air, as is relaxing with a sunset drink while your feet dig into the sand.

 Gili Meno, home to Karma Group’s Gili Meno Resort, is known as the most tranquil island of the three. Often dubbed the “honeymoon island”, what Gili Meno lacks in late night activity it makes up for with its picture-perfect beaches, beautiful resorts and quiet, romantic atmosphere that is ideal for couples or families wanting to relax.

A Gili Resort to Rival the Rest

There is no shortage of beautiful properties, hotels and resorts on any of the Gili islands. Gili Meno is no exception. Karma Group’s Karma Reef Gili Resort sits on its own picturesque slice of the island, complete with a secret (shh) beach for guests, along with individual luxury villas. 

“A luxurious resort on the tiny, traffic-free island paradise of Gili Meno, Karma Reefoffers sanctuary a world away from the noise and demands of everyday life.” 

Karam Reef is appropriately named for the great snorkeling, diving and sea-kayaking available just off the shore of the island; the Karma Reef team are all happy to help organize any daytime adventure you want to create.

One guest’s review of their stay was particularly positive toward the staff: 

We spent two nights with the kids and were inspired by the location and the service. Crystal clear waters; this place really is picture perfect … the experience is flawless, the staff amazing, the food delicious and the island itself small but beautiful.” – Denpasar, Indonesia 

Another titled her review “What every holiday should be like:

What can I say, but 5 stars aren’t enough for Karma Reef. Not only is the location of white sandy beaches and endless marine life magical, the accommodation options allow you to have an authentic experience with 5-star standards. Manuel the manager has the highest levels of attention to detail and made sure we were taken care of at all times. The restaurant takes this place to another level, with a variety of snacks and cocktails, to sensational a la carte meals matched with just the perfect wines. Loved the outdoor cinema evenings along with music on the weekends. All in all, if you stay here, there’s just no reason to venture elsewhere .We were welcomed like old friends, yet treated like VIPs,  feeling so at home I wish we could have stayed longer. Will definitely be returning to this magical spot.”

Karma Reef — Gili Meno Accommodation Offering Relaxation and Fun

The best Gili Meno Accommodation offers you a relaxing stay by the ocean, a private villa and the opportunity to explore all of the island’s treasures     

Karma Group Karma Reef property checks all of these items off the list!

At Karma Group, you have exclusive access to:

·      Beachside dining prepared with the freshest, local ingredients; whether you’re in the mood for wood-fired pizza or a new-world, Mediterranean style dish, Karma Restaurant can satisfy your palette. Since the island is so small, it is important to Karma Reef to have a restaurant that doesn’t require you to leave the resort

·      Beachside Bar: Gaze out to the majestic Lombok Island across the water or watch the local fisherman reel in their lines at Karma’s beachside bar, ensuring you never have to travel far on Gili Meno, even for a cocktail.

·      Karma Sea Spa: If you shouldn’t have to leave the beach for a meal or a drink, why should you have to leave for your spa treatment? Karma Sea Spa tents are directly on the sand, letting you hear the waves lap against the shore and watch the sun dance across the sky while you’re indulging in your spa treatment. Are you a Karma Group member? Inquire about deals on spa treatments through your membership.

·      Personal Sea Beds: Just steps from your villa, relax in your own high-quality seabed under an umbrella, keeping you from burning beneath the relentless, midday tropical sun.

·      Excursions: Book a snorkeling, kayaking or diving trip directly through Karma Reef for convenience and a guaranteed great price!


Gili Islands Accommodation You’ll Come Back to Again and Again 


There are plenty of Gili Islands accommodation to choose from; with three islands and long stretches of white sand beaches making it impossible to decide, Karma Group makes your decision easier. While each island has its own particular specialties, Gili Meno and Karma Reef resort offer the ideal mix of quiet, aquatic fun and onshore relaxation that you can’t find from any other resort in Indonesia

There are many things my wife and I love about the holiday in Karma Reef, and the best part is the small but awonderful private beach right in front of our room. We literally woke up to the sound of the morning waves every day, and what a delight that was.” – TripAdvisor Guest from Jakarta          

Karma Reef is the Gili Meno resort that has it all. Whether you’re staying for your honeymoon or island hopping throughout Indonesian with friends and looking for a luxury spa night, Karma Reef will deliver!

In case you need another reason to book your stay, browse Karma Reef’s gallery of stunning photos and calendar of availability today!


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