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The Bali family holidays list: Fun activites to boost family bonding

The Bali family holidays can be fun and exciting. You will create life-long memories and get closer to your family, while enjoying beautiful moments of delight and happiness together. For that reason, we created a list of entertaining activities you can share with your kids and boost that quality bonding time.

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In this chapter of the Bali Guide, we will keep you informed about all the possibilities waiting for you in the Karma Royal Sanur and outside the grounds of the resort. Our mission is to help you plan the perfect family vacation. From water activities to sightseeing and kid-friendly parks, we will cover everything you need to know about the family side of Bali.

The ideal family accommodation Bali has to offer: Karma Royal Sanur

The Karma Royal Sanur is one of the jewels in the Karma Group collection. Located in the centre of Southeast Bali, it holds the perfect position between the culturally rich Ubud, famous for its temples and shrines, and the white-sand beaches of the coast.

This family resort provides you with the ideal family accommodation Bali has to offer. It’s also only a short drive away are the popular kid’s attractions like the Bali Orchid Garden, Bali Safari Marine Park and Bali Zoo Park.

You can plan family trips to the incredible natural wonders of the Kintamani volcano, Lake Batur and Bedugul. There is nothing more educational and yet breathtaking, like visiting old shrines integrated into the nature around them. Tirta Empul and Puru Tanah Lo temples are historic sites that hold the secrets of the Balinese culture and religion.

If you visit Sanur in the summer, from July until August, you can take your kids to see the famous Bali Kite Festival. Vibrant colours will fly into the sky and make it a magical view to behold. This traditional ceremony is honouring the old Hindu gods.

The Karma Royal Sanur has a lot more to offer than just the excellent location. The accommodation is a blend of comfort, luxury and traditional Balinese architecture. Every apartment is private and secluded by lush tropical trees, so your family can have proper intimacy. Inside the apartment, you will find a mini kitchen and en-suite bathroom, with all of the resort’s services available to you.

Karma Royal Sanur is one of the best family resorts: Bali awaits your arrival

On-site expert babysitting services is one of the perks you can enjoy when you are staying in the Karma Royal Sanur. This is just one of the reasons why we are among the best family resorts Bali has to offer to young parents. Our professional babysitters are specialists in childcare, so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your vacation.

One of the other pluses of the Karma Royal Sanur is the well-equipped playground for kids we have installed near the pool. You can drink your morning coffee or afternoon cocktail by the beautiful pool, relax and, at the same time, keep an eye on your child. Your kids will love having fun on the playground.

The Bali Orchid Garden

The Bali Orchid Garden is located near Sanur, and it is only a quick car ride from Karma Royal Sanur. The visit to this tropical wonder can be a peaceful and educational time for your family. You will get to see various tropical plants from the Cordylines, Bromeliads, Heliconia, Aroids plant families and enjoy the vivid colours and fragrances of the flowers.

If you want to take the perfect family pictures, we recommend the Bali Orchid Garden tour. They are committed to preserving the orchid species of Indonesia, and visiting this breathtaking paradise will help their cause. Your children can see many different and unique blossoms that will boost their imaginations.

The Bali Safari Marine Park

Kids adore this fun trip to the Bali Safari Marine Park, which is why it is one of the most visited theme parks since its opening in 2007. This excursion should be on your Bali family holidays list. The park features over 100 species of rare and tropical animals, and you can even see a Komodo dragon. The real fascinating reason your children will love this is the freedom of the animals and the possibility to see them up close in their natural habitats.

You can ride the safari bus, see some elephant talent shows, cuddle the monkey babies or enjoy watching the various fish and sharks in the aquarium. Taking pictures during the tour is allowed, and a guide will be provided. Some of the most prominent exhibitions are the human-made habitations where the wildlife roams free. Of course, you and your kids will be safe on your safari tram.

If your children love elephants, then they will enjoy the Kampung Gajah, famously known as the Elephant Village. The Ranthambore is a replica of an antique Indian castle, set amidst the city of Rajasthan, where you can witness the mighty white tigers. In proximity to the Bali Safari Marine Park, you can also find water and amusement parks to complete your fun family day-out.

The Bali Zoo Park

You can discover the Bali Zoo Park in the Singapadu village, near Ubud, where tropical gardens are covering the grounds and animals wander free. Since the opening of the Zoo in 2002, it became one of the leading family attractions in Bali. Today, they are offering various tours and attraction packages, which will immerse you in the wildlife of the animals. You can take pictures freely, and they even have a few photo ops with the animals prepared for children.

The “Morning Breakfast with Orangutan” tour lasts for five hours for the price of Rp 573,750 for adults and Rp 463,250 for children. The pickup and return transfer from the hotel is included in the price, along with the breakfast. It is a family-friendly tour where you share your meal with orangutans, and it would be a genuinely unique experience for your kids. An exotic bird show is also part of this tour.

The “Short Elephant Expedition” tour is a 15-minute elephant ride for the price of Rp 794,750 for adults and Rp 573,750 for children. This safari journey will take you through the jungle trek, and you will cross the Olympic pool while admiring the tropical vistas on top of the back of the elephant. After the ride is over, your family will get the chance to feed the elephants and take pictures with them.

There is also an educational part of this tour where your kids will learn about the Sumatran Elephant from the Zoo’s Mahout. Moreover, if they want to have even more fun, the Zoo has an outdoor Miniapolis Jungle Waterplay uniquely designed for children.

The “Dinner With The Great Elephant” tour is a new experience that the Zoo has been offering since 2017 for the price of Rp 582,250 for adults and Rp 408,000 for children. The price includes the hotel transfers, the dinner and the two Balinese fire dance performances. This adventure begins at the Deer Park where you will see herds of deer welcoming you into the Zoo. After that, you will have a chance to observe and take pictures with the elephants and nocturnal animals.

Fun family time: Water activites

Your family vacation will not be complete if you and your kids do not enjoy some of the amazing water activities Bali has to offer. This is a list of the most popular water sports to enjoy with children:

Waterbom Bali – is one of the most famous water parks in Southeast Asia with toboggans, which will keep you occupied for the whole day. There are 17 waterslides and a bunch of games to engage in with your kids. The memories you will take home from this day trip will be priceless.

Rip Curl School of Surf – if your kids love surfing, then this is the best and safest option for them to learn. Every course is intended for the appropriate age, and they will acquire skills which will be useful in the water.

Ayung River Rafting – Ayung is a famous rafting river near Ubud where everyone can enjoy a fun session of rafting, including your kids (age 7 and above). It will be a quite an adventure you can share with your family for some bonding time with them.

Bali Wake Park – is a kids’ favourite because of the stimulating and exciting wakeboarding sessions, which will awake the adventurous spirit in your child. They can try any tow-pulled water sport from kneeboard to cool water tricks. The course for young kids starts at the age of 6.

You can turn the Bali family holidays into a delightful family tradition, where you spend quality time with your children. The beautiful island of Bali has many family-friendly locations and a whole array of activities designed for that purpose.

Book a suite in the Karma Royal Sanur for the family and enjoy Bali!

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