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Things to do in Bali with kids: The ultimate parent’s guide

Planning the perfect family vacation takes time and effort, which is why we made a collection of all the fun things to do in Bali with kids. We singled out the favourite activities for children that parents can also enjoy. From playing with pirates to visiting baby monkeys in their natural habitat, you can explore Bali’s family side on your holiday.

Book Karma Jimbaran, the Karma Group resort with the coolest Kids Club in Bali!

The following checklist will help you prepare delightful surprises for your kids, and create some unforgettable memories.

Family-friendly accommodation: Bali hotels with Kids Clubs

Booking a family-friendly resort is a significant step towards a successful family holiday, which is why you should narrow down your search to Bali hotels with Kids Clubs. The Karma Jimbaran is a luxury 5-star resort and a perfect example of the Karma Group brand. Located only a few minutes away from the pearly beaches of the Bay and yet close to Seminyak, it has the perfect mix of serenity and proximity.

The luxurious and spacious pool villas are perfect for families. The Karma Jimbaran features 40 comfortable holiday homes built in the Balinese style with a private pool and a tropical garden. The open-plan living room comes equipped with a built-in kitchen, satellite TV and a DVD home theatre system. Every villa has an en-suite bathroom, and it is very beautifully decorated with Balinese pieces of art.

Among other high-end amenities which are part of the Karma Jimbaran, the main family feature is the popular Three Monkeys Kids Club. Children from two to 12, can have fun and enjoy games with our professional and warm staff.

They can learn impressive new skills like Balinese dances or have fun competitions in sand castle building. One of the activities offered at the Kids Club is kite making, so your children can spend the morning constructing kites, and you can fly it with them after lunch.

Bali with kids: Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest

You will have to head out to the Padangtegal village, next to Ubud, to visit the famous Monkey Forest and its residents. There are over 700 monkeys and 186 species of trees you will encounter on this journey. The ticket price for adults is IDR 50,000 and IDR 40,000 for children.

The primate species living in this Sanctuary is the Balinese long-tailed monkey. The Monkey Forest is one of the first stops to see when you are visiting Bali with kids.

One of the curiosities in this forest are the temples you will come across while you stroll and take pictures. Most of them are built in the middle of the 14th century and are a representation of the Hindu’s devotion during the rule of the Dynasty of Pejeng. The forest itself is still a place of worship, where the Balinese people come together for various celebrations and festivals. Some of the trees are considered as the embodiment of the Gods.

Your kids will be able to see monkeys in their natural state and observe their real-life habits. This could be a fun family activity for everyone to enjoy.

The Pirates Bay Bali

The Pirates Bay Bali is a pirate-themed open-air cafe and restaurant in the centre of the Nusa Dua area. They offer a very cool treasure hunt for children age four to 12, but you will need to call and make a reservation first. They turn the hunt into a fun-loving adventure with many activities, like jumping on ropes and running around the ship.

You can dress up your kids like pirates and let them go on a treasure quest with their siblings or friends. They will find clues, solve puzzles and try to interpret symbols, all with the help of a guide. When they find the chest, it will be filled with chocolate coins. If you want to make this more interesting for you and your partner, they also offer treasure hunts for adults.

The Elephant Cave

The Elephant Cave is an 11th-century archaeological site located at the edge of the Bedulu Village, a few kilometres away from Ubud. This would be an educational, yet entertaining trip for children. You will get to see a courtyard filled with stone statues and religious relics, rock carvings, meditation caves vibrating with serenity and grand pools and fountains. This site still holds great spiritual and traditional value to the Balinese people.

The Elephant Cave was built and intended as a meditation spot, and once you get inside, a big hall decorated with stone carvings and statues will welcome you. The prominent pool (excavated in 1954) surrounded by five Hindu angels holding water vases is breathtaking, and it is the perfect opportunity for a family picture.

Archeologists found interesting Buddhistic influences and some relics dating back even to the 10th and the 8th-century. What is fascinating about this site is that the northern side of the complex is Buddhist, while the south is Shivaite and the central part is obviously Hinduistic. The blend and mix of religious and cultural influences is something you and your children should not miss when visiting Bali, and the Elephant Cave is a perfect example of that.

Tha cave itself is shallow, and inside you will see three carved stone idols wrapped in cloth. The black areas of the cave show the practice of burning incense. Once upon a time, priests set inside and meditated on the answers to life’s big questions. The whole natural area is considered holy, because of the junction of the two rivers.

The Upside Down House Indonesia

The Upside Down House Indonesia is a genuine family activity, where you will take incredible pictures with the help of the staff and your children will love it. This is one of the fun things to do in Bali with kids, that you as an adult will also enjoy.

It is located in Denpasar, on the Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai road, the main street heading towards Sanur from Kuta. This specialty museum comes highly recommended from travellers, and the price for a ticket is IDR 100,000 for adults and IDR 50,000 for kids.

Every piece of furniture in the house is the wrong way up, as the name implies, and your kids will be amused and amazed by the wrong order of things. Do some funny poses with them and take some cool pictures.

The Green Village

The Green Village is an entirely enchanting experience for everyone in the family, as your children’s faces will light up with joy, and you will feel the wonder, too. This is a community of sustainable houses built almost entirely out of bamboo. Every home has a unique design, the construction is very sophisticated, and the individual, beautiful features will motivate you and inspire you. Your kids will feel like they walked into a whimsical fairyland.

A note of importance, you need to make a reservation to take a tour. They offer three different tours for prices that vary from 270.000 IDR to 590.000 IDR for adults and from 200.000 IDR to 520.000 IDR for children. If you can find the time, you should visit this utterly magnificent family-friendly place.

The SuperHero Factory Bali

The SuperHero Factory Bali is a family-friendly gym with a new fun and innovative approach to fitness. It is also a playground for kids that like Super Heros. They are located on Nakula street in Seminyak, and they offer group bookings for kids and adults. Having a workout session in the SuperHero Factory with your children would be an interactive and entertaining way to bond with them.

If your kid’s birthday is during the holidays, they also organise themed birthday parties. Inside your entire family will get motivated, learn cool new moves, try safe rock climbing and acrobatics. One of the most engaging activities they offer is the “Leap of Faith.”

The Bali Treetop Adventure Park

For the price of USD 57 to USD 73, you will acquire the family package (two adults and two children) in the Bali Treetop Adventure Park, located in Bedugul. One of the favourite family activities in Bali, the park features seven circuits of fun, each of them designed explicitly according to age and preferences.

When you arrive, you will receive equipment and instructions, and a guide will help you complete the demonstration circuit. After that, you and your family are free to try each of the circuits and have some quality family fun together.

The true children’s playbook: Bali edition

The agenda of things to do in Bali with kids is lengthy; these are some of the honourable mentions, you should also check out if you have the time:

  • Trick Art 3D Gallery
  • Taman Segara Madu: New Kuta Green Park
  • Finding Nemo: A Seawalker & Astrounat Experience
  • Charly’s Chocolate Factory
  • Bali Safari & Marine Park
  • Pondok Pekak Library
  • Bali Fun World

Make a reservation in the Karma Jimbaran and start your family vacation kids’ style!

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