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Shopping in Bali: A variety of goods and venues

Bali has turned into a paradise for shoppers all over the world. From designer, luxury items to handcrafted souvenirs, you could find everything you were looking for and more. On the charming Bali streets and in the quirky small shops, there are high-quality materials and tailor-made items that would make you look like royalty. Shopping in Bali is an experience in itself and an activity every visitor should try when vacationing on this beautiful island.

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The artistry of the Balinese people is legendary. That is one of the main reasons people flock to the local shops in search of that unique piece to take back home. When you start shopping in Bali, your senses for fine art and beautifully crafted wooden items will sharpen, because the quality is overwhelming. The materials and technics used are very different from the ones in the West, which only makes the pieces even more charming.

One of the things you will have to prepare yourself for when visiting open markets and street shops is haggling. Negotiating is standard practice and getting a reasonable price depends mostly on one’s bargaining skill. On the other hand, luxurious shops have fixed prices, and you will not have any problems there.

Activities to do in Bali: Visit the Karma Boutique

When you are staying in a Karma Group resort, boutique shopping can become one of your favourite activities to do in Bali. Inside the Karma Boutiques, you will find some of the most exquisite and lavish items, starting with the K Music Collection, which is a Karma Group debut music release, presenting fresh mixes by the annual resident DJs, Jon Sa Trinxa and Gabby & Shamus.

The Karma Beach Bikinis are a hit in Bali; they come in all sizes, in a light blue colour with the letter K, anagrammed on the bikini bottom left-hand side.

The most delicious of all the luxurious items offered at the Karma Boutique is the Karma Speciality Coffee. Coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Ethiopia are roasted with an almond aroma. You will taste flavours like cinnamon, blood orange, dark cocoa, butterscotch, salted caramel and orange marmalade.

The most wanted pieces in the Karma Boutique are the spa products. The award-winning Karma Spa has an established practice of using organic products of the highest quality. You can find most of the cosmetics used in the signature body treatments and massages.

Best places in Bali for luxurious shopping

We singled out the best places in Bali for luxurious shopping. Our list of recommendations includes branded designer shops and trendy hip boutiques you should visit during your stay in Bali. Let’s dive into it:

Psylo – is a very stylish shop that managed to combine cutting-edge clothing flairs with traditional methods, and quality of materials into their lines. In their pieces, you will recognise sacred symbolism, contemporary art and cultural history. They make clothes fitting for world travellers and adventurous spirits.

Paul Ropp – clothing lines are perfect for everyone who respects the traditional style of India and loves the bohemian vivaciousness. Every piece is handmade with the utmost delicacy of woven silk and chiffon, and hand-spun cotton. This designer clothing shows true craftsmanship and vision.

Tulola Jewellery – is a modern, luxury jewellery brand that brings one of a kind pieces as close to art as you can expect. Every item is crafted with traditional Indonesian methods and held to the highest standards of extravagance. Famous local and international celebrities wear the beautiful pieces created by the designer Sri Luce Rusna. Tyra Banks, Courtney Love and Kelly Rowland are numbered among them.

WE-AR Yoga Shop – offers clothes made from organic, eco-luxe textiles with an ethnic twist in colours and designs. They feature 100 percent certified organic cotton and eco-luxe bamboo clothing.

Biasa – collections focus on sophisticated looks for laid-back yet lavish vacations. They use light natural materials, relaxed cuts and specific details to distinguish their clothing lines from others on the market.

Jemme Jewellery – offers an eclectic collection inspired by natural patterns and delicate animals designs. The pieces of gold, platinum and silver are shaped according to the drawings of the famous designer Jalan Petitenget. The jewellery is embedded with gems and stones and other natural resources found in Indonesia. You will discover world-class luxury inside this store.

Ananda Soul – store features ethically manufactured jewellery and clothing. The woman behind the brand is Christina Zipperlen, an artist and a yogi. She creates exclusive avant-garde designs that hold a little piece of spirituality and zen energy in each piece.

Prapen Jewellery – is handmade luxury jewellery. They carve, granulate and weave the silver into beautiful pieces of art using the same methods that were passed down for generations. Spiritual traditions inspire every motif you will see on the jewellery.

Shopping Malls

The most famous and visited shopping mall in Bali is the Kuta Beachwalk. The Beachwalk is not a simple or a regular shopping mall, but an entire huge complex of restaurants, cafés, stores and places which offer various services. The design of the mall is also very appealing, with the green rooftops and little pools and fountains that catch the eye. If you are shopping in Bali, then you have to visit the Beachwalk. It is a boutique shopping experience featuring luxury and popular brands.

Another favourite shopping mall is the Seminyak Village. It is made almost entirely out of glass, and it is currently the home to many renowned nightclubs and hip stores featuring over 100 brands. Modern and trendy, the Seminyak Village attracts a lot of travellers and fashionistas. Inside, you will find the Indonesian Emporium and their gorgeous collection of Balinese crafts.

If you are staying at the Karma Jimbaran, you should visit Samasta Lifestyle Village shopping mall. The high-class restaurants and popular cafés made the mall a haven for food lovers. Also, the open-air concept, tropical vibe and dance performances make it even more famous with tourists. If you are staying in Denpasar, Level 21 will deliver a fresh shopping experience.

Night and Art Markets

The night bazaars in Bali offer an enchanting evening of shopping, where the lights glimmer and different smells come from every direction. The goods are displayed everywhere, from trinkets to wooden masterpieces. Usually, the night markets gravitate more towards foods and ingredients. The best night markets in Bali will make you feel like you are in a Scheherazade fairytale like the ones in Sanur, Kuta, Ubud or Seminyak.

The most famous art markets in Bali are in Ubud and Kuta, and then there is the special artistic community of the Tegallalang “Handicrafts Village.” Almost at every art market, you will find locally handcrafted statues for luck and prosperity, made out of high-quality natural materials. You should not miss the opportunity to see woodcarving, painting and mask-making at the Tegallalang “Handicrafts Village.”

Shopping streets

The shopping streets of Bali are similar to the markets, but with much more spaciousness. They feature fashion boutiques, art galleries, tailor shops and peculiar little stands that sell unique figurines or branded clothing. You can find them in every Balinese city, and they are located in the central areas. It would be a fantastic day-trip filled with shopping, where after the stroll you can sit down in some of the local restaurants and try the Asian fusion cuisine.

Furniture shops and workshops

Balinese craftsmanship is famous all around the world, and for an excellent reason. The attention to detail, the natural materials combined with the traditional methods of manufacturing, turn the items into fine works of art. We found a few shops you might want to visit if you are looking for luxurious furniture:

Jean Francois-Fichot – is a lavish chain of boutiques that create and sell one-of-a-kind jewellery and items d’art of outstanding luxury and novelty. The designs are inspired by all the civilisations that the late Jean Francois-Fichot encountered on his many journeys down the Silk Road.

Kevala Ceramics – is striving towards perfection as the name implies. “Kavala” comes from the Sanskrit word for “perfect, whole and complete.” They create handmade stoneware ceramics and other luxury home items.

Kamala Home – is a cheerful boutique that sells luxury soft goods. When you enter the store, you will see all the colours of Indonesia on the beautiful, lavish pieces they have to offer.

Jenggala Keramik – store is the most eminent pottery manufacturer in Bali. Opened by the late New Zealand designer and potter Bret Hesselyn, his passion for the culture of Bali and its heritage produced innovative and functional designs in ceramics and glassware. Today they have a substantial domestic and international clientele.

Shopping in Bali is a genuinely reviving experience. Our list contains some of the most popular and high-quality stores you can find in Bali, and some unique spots you can visit.

Browse through the Karma Boutique and buy some lavish and world-class products!

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