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Why Karma Group is the Best Collection of Bali Resorts

Karma Group is a collection of luxury hotels and villas that have locations on four continents and in 23 countries. The group of hotels offers a mix of private villas with award-winning service and unique boutique resorts with all of the modern luxuries you deserve on your vacation. Karma Group Bali Resorts offers their guests the utmost in customer satisfaction and comfort, delivered at a reasonable price.

Read on to discover just why Karma Resorts is the best Bali accommodation on the island!

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What do the best Bali resorts offer?  

The best Bali resorts are known to offer some or all of the following amenities:

  • Pool(s): The hot, tropical sun can leave guests sweaty and uncomfortable after a long day of sightseeing. Taking a dip in a private plunge pool or the resort’s infinity pool relieves that heat stress and becomes a daily routine during most guests stay in Bali.
  • Amazing service: The Balinese people are known for being friendly, welcoming and hospitable, both in and outside of the resort grounds. Having service that is delivered efficiently and well is a key aspect of some of the best resorts in Bali. This includes fast service and service that is delivered with a smile.
  • Transportation: By far the most common form of transportation in Bali is motorbike, for tourists and locals alike. It can be a quite dangerous mode of transportation, however, so many opt to get rides from their villas and hotels to more populated and walkable areas. Having adequate, safe and fast transportation helps solidify a property as the best in Bali.
  • Great Dining: While it is fun to sample local street vendor’s and restaurant’s cuisine, it is not always the safest on the stomach. To make sure that you don’t grow bored of the food in your resort and get too adventurous on the streets, having good dining options is an important part of pleasing customers.
  • Comfortable Rooms: Of course, the nicest resort grounds can be overlooked if you are staying in a less-than-perfect room. Comfortable beds and bedding, a large bathroom with good water pressure, air conditioning and clean everything are some of the things to look for when searching for the ideal accommodation.


Where are the best resorts in Bali?  

The best resorts in Bali are any of Karma Group’s Bali locations! With resorts all across Bali — specifically in Jimbaran, the most southern tip of Uluwatu, just outside of Ubud, east Bali and Sanur — there is sure to be a Karma Resort that fits your vacation!

  • Ubud: if you’re looking for a relaxing stay with the opportunity for cultural experiences and immersion into the local food, Karma Mayura is our recommendation. Located outside of Ubud and away from the crowds, nestled amongst rice paddy fields, Karma Mayura is a great choice for families. Whenever you want a hint of the real culture of Bali, head into Ubud or to any of the surrounding temples or waterfalls that make this jungle a popular paradise.
  • Jimbaran: Karma Groups has two properties in Jimbaran — one operates as a resort while the Royal Karma Jimbaran has the feel of a private apartment. The Royal Karma is a great choice for couples. In comparison, Karma Jimbaran offers “the right balance of hideaway and hospitality.”
  • Uluwatu: Uluwatu is home to some of the most stunning resorts and villas in the world, nestled on the top of steep cliffs that provide guests with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Karma Kandara is one such resort, located on the very southernmost tip of Bali on some of the area’s most beautiful beaches. Karma Kandara is a great option for destination wedding parties, other group events or traveling families.
  • East Bali: On mainland Bali’s southern shore is Royal Karma Candidasa. This property is perfect for a group with a variety of interests; excursions such as diving and snorkeling are also offered, as are spa treatments and beach access. This is a great location for those that are returning to Bali, have only been to the most populated, touristy areas and are looking to see another side of the island!


What do Karma Group properties offer that other Bali beach resorts can’t?

While there are plenty of Bali beach resorts that offer beach access and infinity pools, Karma Group is seeking to provide accommodation options that go above and beyond what other resorts offer.

Karma Group offers 5-star service and facilities at a reasonable, affordable price. There are many property options, so finding the right accommodation in your preferred location is never difficult! Karma Group also offers several membership options, such as a membership that gives you 25% off onsite food and spa services, Karma investment opportunities, Karma points and fractional membership options. 

Karma Group properties give you the option to be involved as little or as much as you want in building a better Karma Group.


What helps Karma Group properties earn a spot as one of the best resorts in Bali?

Karma Group has won several awards from a variety of travel sites and companies. The awards range from great service, best overall accommodation, great staff, good timeshare options and many, many more. What other resorts in Bali can boast the same?

“For the past two decades, Karma has provided its discerning members with a superior range of holiday experiences, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle solutions.”

By taking care of each and every customer’s needs, customizing your trip for you or your party, Karma Group has earned a spot as one of the best resorts in Bali. Karma Group has award-winning facilities and staff at each location around the world, particularly in Bali.

“Go Beyond the Commonplace, Live the Extraordinary”

Don’t believe us? See for yourself why Karma Group has time-and-time again earned its reputation as one of the best Bali resorts. Browse our reviews, breathtaking galleries and availability, and see for yourself why Karma Group properties can’t be beat.



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