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The finest beach club Uluwatu has to offer!

Karma Kandara luxury resort, set beautifully on the top cliff, is a little gift on its own, but the beach club Uluwatu is like the pearl inside that gift box! It;s set on the private Karma Group beach, with white sand, green coral reefs slightly peaking from the ocean and exquisite waves caressing the land with their power! This is the scene that will welcome you!

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You can ask any traveler that has visited Bali or an Uluwatu local, which is the “must see” bar around here? Everyone will give you the same answer: the Karma Beach Club! As they say, reputation precedes a place, and usually the words of truth ring through our satisfied guests! Everyone deserves to feel the dreamlike magic of this private beach and enjoy a cup of really good coffee while looking at the ocean. 

“ I went with my spouse during our wedding anniversary to this beach club and found that it was such a gem, very beautiful beach with clear white sand, very clean and not to mention the service as well, they respect and value foreigners and local tourists, which was awesome. Thank you Karma Beach Club team for the awesome experience, you are awesome and keep it up!” Galich, India on Trip Advisor

Karma Kandara beach, a little slice of heaven

This is one of those places you really have to see for yourself, because words will never be good enough to explain the magic it possesses. Wrapped in corals around the beach, the whole scene is like a postcard you would send home to your loved ones while you’re sipping cocktails and sun gazing! There is just so much you can do on this beach!   

“I was in Bali with my girlfriend and I was told that I absolutely have to visit Karma Beach. The beach was breathtaking. White sandy beach and bluish green sea greeted us at first sight. The waves were strong and many people were diving too. The sun was great that day, no rain and we got a nice tan. The sun beds are pretty near the restaurant and their margaritas are to die for.” Ann, Singapore on Trip Advisor

You can enjoy the turquoise, clear water for snorkeling or surfing or just relaxing and twirling in the waves. You could lie down and meditate on the beach, or drink something new and interesting from the cocktail menu. This amazing Karma Kandara beach is also part of the wedding venue in Bali, so just imagine how romantic, exotic and exquisite the atmosphere is!

The plush cuisine of the Karma Bar

We have to talk about the menu, because people love it! You can find fresh seafood since it’s a beach bar, or maybe you’d like something a bit more western, like wood-fired oven pizza. There are also the more exotic, adventurous choices for travelers that would love to try something new from the Asian assortment. If you love your food raw, there is the sushi and sashimi section of the menu!

“My two friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Karma Kandara beach club. We enjoyed the beautiful beach with lounge chairs/umbrellas/towels/food and beverage service, delicious restaurant. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and it was lively and fun–mixed crowd, DJ. We also hiked up both sets of stairs, on either side of the property, for exercise and stunning views.” Stacy, US on Trip Advisor

Truffle fries sprinkled with parmesan, Balinese satay, Spicy baja chicken and basil pesto — all of these incredible flavorsome infusion of tastes can be on your plate! If you are with a larger group of friends, you can always order sharing plates for the ultimate beach-side experience. You’re getting the idea why they call this the best beach club Uluwatu has to offer! 

Cocktail it up!

While you’re enjoying the stunning beach and sticking vista of the ocean, you must give our cocktails and our own coffee brand a sip! It’s like entering Elysium! Everything that is prepared in our bar is made by the hands of our experienced bartenders and delivered to your table with a smile. Because we know how much fast and good service means to our guests, and we appreciate your opinion! 

We feature our own prepared and roosted coffee beans; this is important, and you will notice the fresh aroma and rich, lush flavor once the coffee touches your lips! Latte, cappuccino, mochaccino or the classical espresso — we have them all on the menu. Unique Karma coffee creations or flavored shots — it’s a stairway to heaven for all true coffee lovers!

Between the hot and cold brews, the coffee and the smoothies are the cocktails! We have them bubbly and as beachside classics, special cocktails or martini based! Some are even made upon special request! You can also choose between premium and standard spirits or liqueurs.        

A romantic, aromatic spot for couples 

If you just got married or are madly in love with each other and want to escape in paradise, this is your place! Karma Kandara is the resort, and the beach bar is the joyful experience! Falling or staying in love in a place like this is easy, because love and passion are in the air. It’s the spot where Eros likes to vacation, too!

“Karma Beach is the best. Simply an amazing beach with a great sea view, good food and great music. If you are a couple and you want to relax this is it. Food is really amazing and delicious. Drinks too. Pizza is very tasty. Great DJ s playing here all-day till night. You can soak up in sea water and have a good sun bath here.” Krishan, Colombo, Sri Lanka on Trip Advisor

As we presented in the beginning, this is the finest beach club Uluwatu has to offer! It has splendor, relaxation, variety and cool music and DJs. There are parties in the night and breathtaking vistas in the morning. This is the perfect paradise, with custom-roosted coffee beans!  

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